Author Topic: What is and What’s not Brendan & Co’s Fault for our current predicament.  (Read 147 times)

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Only reviewing players that signed, those sold and those that should have been sold.

Goal Keeping

Mignolet – 11 Clean sheets in 2011/12 and 11 in 12/13. That’s better than Czech in 11/12. Clean sheets can’t just be attributed to the keeper, known for his shot stopping Migs has been consistent to date. However, his distribution and how he commands the area have been shocking from the off. As a primary target, I think we got this one wrong.
Jones – We haven’t had a proper back up keeper in ages. Reina should have been kept or replaced. Look at Chelsea, Curtois coming so they get Schwarzer last season. Always looking to push Czech and always got the best from him.
Big mistake here as it would appear that most of our issues are stemming from a lack of confidence and leadership at the back, starting with the keeper.

Mixed blame

No Fault;
Dejan Lovren – Part of a very successful CB partnership last season with 12 cleansheets last season. His price is inflated due to the fact he came from an English team and hes 25. Fonte is not the best CB ever so some of the recognition from last season has to go to Dejan. It’s impossible for a manager to determine if a player will underperform to this extent or not. If he had Fonte beside him now would he be quality? Then surely we must look at Skrtel?

Skrtel. He has been average at best for a few seasons now. Would I have replaced him, yes and kept him also for a backup RCB.

No Fault;
Johnson – He is riding out a great contract so he could not be moved on. Flanno and Manquillo are good business for RB.

No fault;
Moreno – Enrique and Flano were our LBs last season. We have done well here. Great deal and held out for a saving. Good work.

Sakho / Toure / Agger / Iliori – We clearly need back up options right now and Toure is the only player we have that BR is willing to play. This right here – Committee decision v Rodgers stubbornness is BR’s worst trait. 2 of the 4 are LCBs. Keep ilori so hes got 4 games for Bordeaux so it’s not like he would have been much worse if we kept him till xmas to see how we faired.


No Fault;
Can – Emre is touted by some to be the next Schweinsteiger. Hes looks quality but alas injuries have crippled us again. He will be here a long time, but could do with him now.

No Fault;
Markovic – Granted he doesn’t look great, but it takes time to bed in and he needs time. Think back to the stick we all gave Henderson. Over paid possibly but we had to as we would not of got him next year. Just hope he doesn’t stagnate now.

No Fault;
Lallana – Team of the season last year. Overpriced yes, but I have no problem with this signing. He looks great and well worth the few bob.

Suarez – Letting him go before we had a replacement was ludicrous. I know people will say he wanted to go, but so what. If Barca wanted him that bad, we should have made sure they swapped someone for him. We went after Sanchez, didn’t work, simple as Suarez does not leave until we have an actual replacement. Suarez could have murdered someone and I would of kept him and played him until we could play without him. Hes that good. And we get…

Lambert – 15 goals last season. We clearly went for him because A) he was cheap B) he offered us a plan B and C) Suarez was staying. If C wasn’t a factor then this makes no sense. Hes slow, we built our game around speed. Hes old, we built our game around youth. My main issue with this one is – the statement of intent was lost. Even had Suarez stayed, we just got into CL and we go and get the oldest, slowest and cheapest striker to back up 101 goal strikeforce??? It just makes no sense and lacks imagination. Surely we have a scout force capable of finding a Berahino, Pelle, or someone like this that could of came in fresh and ready. No replacement for Suarez but someone better than Ricky f**king Lambert.

Balotelli – I was made up the day we signed him. Partly because there was no one else and the window was closing. Partly because of the circus that goes with. But alas when the circus arrived it turned out to be crap and there is feck all else to do. Will he come good when Studge comes back? I don’t think so, but I hope so. BR and Co are at fault here for getting into this desperate state. Panic signing – have we not learned from Carroll? I think not.

No Fault;
Borini – Tried offloading and thank god we didn’t cause if 1 more of our useless front line gets injured then we will need him to do nothing up front. He will be gone soon.

Team as a whole;

Absolutely not at fault;
The whole team has let BR and Co down by underperforming – they are a disgrace.

I think the weight/effect of the Faults far outweigh the good work.

Had we of replaced Skrtel, got a decent back up keeper, and kept Suarez, we would be 2nd in the league and running a muck – I have no doubt. Those that think keeping Suarez wasn’t an option – it just had to be. Perspective for a second – sold for <100m. CL football next season is work double that. Speculate to accumulate. If you absolutely have to sell him, you get someone of the ilk of Di Maria, Reus, Benzema, Tevez etc. or 2 of them cause that’s how good Suarez was. We weren’t going to do that, so we shouldn’t have sold him.

Any thoughts?
The skies the limit for our Raheem

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Might be an idea to merge this post with other threads? Dunno, just an idea?

I was shocked, disgusted even when Brendan got the job.
He struggled early on. Then reaped the benefits of a white hot Luis last yr.

BUT, our shiteness isn't really his fault.
I don't believe he's got much control over the "transfer committee". Or over the money thats coming into the club.
Our cheapest season tickets= FIVE TIMES the price of R Madrid's cheapest

Yet WE are the selling club.Selling Suarez,Torres etc+buying Balojelly

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It is all managers fault that he cannot organize a defensive unit, i'm sure that sakho or lovren arent that bad.

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Carra should still be getting a game -

 i'm not joking either. Give him a call Brendan, at least he would organise the back in training sessions