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First of all....a massive welcome to the LFC Reds Liverpool FC forum.

This is forum for supporters of the World's greatest football club.  It is connected to the original Liverpool FC unofficial and independent website Anfield Online which was first online in 1997 - this forum however was only launched in 2006.

The forum is free to register and you will need to be registered to post or reply to discussions, take part in polls, or access some of the boards hidden from guests.  

A lot of effort has gone in to the smooth running of this forum and we have some simple rules that enable the forum staff to help keep LFC Reds as one of the best online communities.

This forum remains the private property of the owners and we reserve the right to allow users to post as we see fit in accordance with our rules.  If necessary we reserve the right to remove the ability of a user to post, or to access the website.

The following rules are in place to help the staff keep the forum tidy, keep trolls and abusive posters away and to maintain the fantastic LFC spirit we have on here.  We expect all users to abide by them.  

Remember that we all support the same club, all share the same dreams for our club and even if you disagree, you should respect opinions of fellow supporters.

Forum Rules

This forum uses a warning system.  If 3 or more warnings are accumulated within an 18 month period then a lengthy ban will be handed out.

1. The following are UNACCEPTABLE and will likely result in a permanent ban or severe punishment

1.1 RACIST abuse of another forum member.

1.2 SPAM / ADVERTISING ( This forum isn't a free advertising service. If you want to post a commercial link or engage in advertising then please email us first - )

1.3 TICKET TOUTING ( ie. selling a ticket over face value + reasonable postage costs )

1.4 CONTINUAL ABUSIVE POSTS aimed at a fellow poster (while we understand that occasionally we say things we don't mean - any concerted and continuing abuse aimed at another poster will be classified as trolling and you will be banned)

2. These are some of our FORUM GUIDELINES - failing to adhere to them will result in some form of action

2.1 DO NOT TROLL - The spirit of the forum has been maintained because of our determination to remove users who engage in baiting, trolling and deliberately winding up other users.  We have banned a number of members even with very high post counts on the forum.

2.2 DON'T SIGN UP WITH A FAKE EMAIL ADDRESS/USING PROXY SOFTWARE - If you signed up to the forum with a fake or disposable email address it is likely that you will see your account restricted, and you could lose access to it. Ensure your email address is up to date and correct. We do not send spam emails - that defence is invalid.

2.3 OTHER CLUBS FANS WELCOME - As long as you're not an idiot.  If you come to talk sense, decent football chat you're okay. If you're on a wind up or here to troll Liverpool fans you will be banned and your posts will be deleted.

2.4 SWEARING IS ALLOWED (BUT NOT IN TOPIC TITLES) - when you first sign up an automatic word-censor is in place.  If you are an adult and can take a bit of industrial language - you can switch this off as one of your member profile options.  This is a football forum and there may be some words heard at football grounds.  However, use it in moderation and NEVER in the title of a new topic.

2.5 DO NOT POST IN ALL CAPITAL LETTERS - Posting in all caps is rude and the offending post will be deleted.  Simple. Continue to do it then expect some form of ban.

2.6 AVOID TEXT SPEAK & USE PROPER ENGLISH - Put a bit of effort in to your posts.  If your first language is English then you should know sentences start with a capital letter and end with full stops, and that paragraphs are usually used. Usually we will delete a poorly written post.  We will attempt to assist those who have a good level of English as their second language.

2.7 POST FULL TEXT WITH ANY LINK - If you're posting a news article then you should post the full article and the link.  Posting just a link will arouse our 'spam' suspicions.

2.8 DO NOT POST ANYTHING FROM THE S*N NEWSPAPER - Click here for a reminder

3. Changing your profile / Using the Forum

As a registered member of the forum you can customise your profile.

Users who have donated to the cost of the forum are classed as subscribers and join the Anfield Hero membergroup and have a number of extra features available to them.

You can add in your location, your birthday, your Skype number, your instant messenger addresses and more - these are only visible to other forum members.

Avatars & Signatures

To ensure the forum runs smoothly, loads quickly, and is accessible by as many people as possible (not everyone has broadband remember) please adhere to the following:

3.1 Avatars - no bigger than 100 pixels (width) x 150 (height) in size and smaller than 20kb in size.  The forum will automatically convert an image to the required size when you upload it.
* Avatars are only visible next to your post if you have signed up as an Anfield Hero and donated to the running cost of the forum.  This costs 83 pence per month. More info here

3.2 Signature bars - Graphic images in signature bars should be no bigger than 400 x 90 and should have a maximum size of 25kb. This is easily achievable. Text in signatures should be inoffensive and not contain any swear words. Signatures should not include advertising or links without discussion with the Admin of the board. Links to personal websites or your own blogs etc that do not contain advertising is allowed.  Keep it tidy.  Signatures should be brief and if they contain text should be limited to one or two lines.

If you don't want to see other users signatures you can deselect this option in your profile page.

(Information on adding your signature is here:,9093.0.html)

When you Register on this forum

When you register you will receive an activation email to your email address. You will need to click this link in this email to 'activate' your account on the forum.  If the email hasn't arrived then check your spam folder (esp. if using a hotmail account - damn you Bill Gates). You can choose to keep your email address totally private and confidential, and your password is securely encrypted.  If you forget your password you can request a new password sent to your email address.

If you want to introduce yourself and post a little bit about yourself and the reds - then reply in this topic,51.0.html

Your post ranking is linked to the number of posts you make

These rankings are based on official LFC player appearances. As your post count increases you will move through from Liverpool irregulars to some of the legends of Anfield.

Posting privileges

Once you are registered, you will be able to reply to any post immediately on any board. After you have made 24 posts you will be rewarded with your first European Cup! and will then be able to start your own topics on the forum, rate other posts, play on the arcade etc.

More info here,9070.0.html

Personal Messages

You are only able to send 10 personal messages in a one hour period.  This is to protect the forum from spam.  Users with less than 5 posts will need to enter a CAPTCHA code to send a personal message. Users who have never posted on the board will not be able to send personal messages.  All users can receive personal messages from other users.

Reporting posts and personal messages to the moderators

If you believe any post on the forum, or personal message sent to you, to be offensive, to be spam, ticket touting etc or in breach of the forum rules, you can report it to the forum moderators.  A link exists underneath every post on the forum.  Or you can send a message to one of the forum staff. A list is here

If minor rules are broken - moderators will edit your comment and leave a 'Reason for Edit' at the end of your post.


We are a completely independent and unofficial Liverpool FC website based in Liverpool.

We are not a campaigning group and have no direct affiliation with any of the LFC related pressure or action groups, even though individuals have their own opinions on particular topics. This forum exists solely for the purpose of enabling interaction amongst Liverpool FC supporters.

This forum is provided free of charge for basic use.  You can help with the costs of running the site by upgrading your account by taking out a subscription (see the Forum/Site News board).

The mods and admins of the website support:

1) Justice for Michael Shields (Sorted!)
1) The Hillsborough Justice Campaign
2) Don't buy The S*n (do not publish links to the site or quote articles directly from it)
3) Zoe Place Children's Hospice Details of our last charity night

Enjoy yourself.   :D
'The Liverpool FC forum'