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The Kop / Re: Europa league Draw- Liverpool in pot 2
« Last post by lfc across the water on Today at 01:07:27 AM »
Quote from s@int
Money destroyed it mate. Celtic got over £8million for getting knocked out of the CL at the first time of asking, we will get less than that for winning the UEFA cup.

Same as the Premier league money and the chance to qualify for the CL has destroyed the FA cup. Better to win nothing and come 4th than win a major cup? How can that be right? 

Like most things in sport now, money is king and EVERYONE has to bow down to our new god.

Celtic got the income they're due. What use is it to them? Parade it on top of a bus? The amount they got wouldn't buy us a decent player nowadays. I don't know how much is going for winning the other competition, but I'm sure it's worth less than what City paid out to us for just one player this summer.

Europe isn't all about money, it's about winning. It's about winning in Munich, or winning in Madrid, or winning in Rome, or even in Russia. The money lasts a few days. The memories last a lifetime.
The Kop / Re: Older fans v younger fans
« Last post by TheleftpegofRayKennedy on Today at 12:59:13 AM »
He blasphemes!
LFC Player Threads / Re: Joe Gomez Player Thread
« Last post by TheleftpegofRayKennedy on Today at 12:51:55 AM »
If Mr Stones is worth £37 Chelski millions, with all the mistakes he makes, we have some prospect on our hands with young Mr Gomez. 
Love to see him in a back 3 with Moreno and Clyne as WBs. 
The Arkles / Re: The what are you drinking thread
« Last post by 7-King Kenny-7 on Today at 12:49:46 AM »
Got a bottle of Talisker Skye on the go. Not had it before, nice though like.
The Kop / Re: Europa league Draw- Liverpool in pot 2
« Last post by TheleftpegofRayKennedy on Today at 12:47:22 AM »
FC Sion.

Where the **** is that?

Somewhere near the rivers of Babylon, perhaps?

(He ducks). ;)
The Kop / Re: Older fans v younger fans
« Last post by Frankly, Mr Shankly on Today at 12:46:45 AM »
A poor team had got extremely lucky? Erm...when you come back from 3-0 down against one of the best sides in Europe, luck doesn't come into it.

I don't know who these 'older fans' you talk of are but they are sure as hell are complete 110% bullshitters. You sure you're not hanging out with Chelsea fans littleface?

I mean really, the shitstream that comes out of peoples thinking is uber incredible. I'm off to bed - not entertaining sh*te like that. Belittling the greatest night this club and indeed I have ever had? No Siree f**king Bob.
Summer Transfer Board / Re: Lucas Digne (PSG)
« Last post by 7-King Kenny-7 on Today at 12:32:06 AM »

So you are trying to say the mods can't do their job?

The frenzy to get threads locked amuses me at times on here. ;D

Calling for threads to be locked is probably what pisses us off most. We are aware of when it needs doing and don't need telling but we aren't on here 24/7 believe it or not.

Never knew much about him so not particularly bothered we didn't get him. Certainly not with how good Gomez is looking.
The Kop / Re: Older fans v younger fans
« Last post by TheleftpegofRayKennedy on Today at 12:28:45 AM »
Interesting call, Littleface my friend.  Sounds like you and I are of a similar vintage.

I agree with much of what you say.  Seems like all you need to do to be a 'genius', a 'legend' or a 'hero' these days is to put in a shift that gets noticed by the pundits on MOTD, or to score one fancy goal in a big televised game.  Rather than the younger generation of LFC fans, I would blame the shameless marketing of the Prem and football in general, which skews everything out of proportion and creates gods from false idols, in whose name the innocent and the gullible are drawn to squander their hard earned cash at the alter of fandom. 

In an age of ruthless and hollow commercialisation of everything that once had real substance, the modern fan is no longer a sound connoisseur of heart, soul, courage and footballing expertise, but a sacrificial lamb whose bleeding wallet only feeds the empty mythology and who is then helplessly embroiled in the maelstrom of utter toss that passes as sound judgement in so much discussion of our game and our club.  We are doomed to trot out the same platitudes and clichés, the same 3rd hand opinions, as our masters in the Media.  For they are the new gods and the temple of Bill Shankly et al has been smited.  Only the True Supporter can save us now.  Thus endeth the lesson.   :f_tongueincheek: :angel:
The Kop / Re: Older fans v younger fans
« Last post by Son Of A Gun on Today at 12:25:24 AM »

I never rated Rafa Benitez and got slated by a lot of my friends for saying it. I especially got slated by younger fans who, IMO, had grown sick of hearing older talk of European glory without having any stories of their own .

Now, THEY, had one of the greatest European stories in history and Rafa had gave it to them. He was a god.

That's all very well, but just a word of warning to the anti-Rodgers brigade - for those who wanted Rafa out, well they sure got their wish.

And then in came Hodgson.

So if you want the same for Brendan, be very careful for what you wish for. Like I said, apart from Klopp, there's no other stand out option - and of course, there's no guarantee Klopp would want to come.

I don't buy into all this old fans v young fans debate - we've seen plenty of that bullshit on this forum as it is. Football is already tribal enough as it is without some bullshitters dividing supporters of the same club, I mean come on, its not some political party. Fans who belittle any achievement in the clubs history aren't fans of the club. We all want the same for Liverpool FC - we may have different ideas about how to do it, but at the end of the day, we all want Liverpool back to the top of the perch.
LFC Player Threads / Re: Joe Gomez Player Thread
« Last post by 7-King Kenny-7 on Today at 12:22:48 AM »
I am someone who will happily criticise or give praise, I call it as I see it but I will also happily admit when I am proven wrong. When we signed him, I wasn't particularly happy about it. Personally I thought it was a waste of money on a player that we wouldn't need at this time and that he would just be shipped out on loan in the way Ilori has been. Had a few "debates" with a few people on here about it but I will gladly admit I was wrong. I think that due to us signing so many young players but them not actually being used/good enough I wrote this lad off too soon. I was partly right if reports are to believed that the intention was to loan him out virtually straight away but the lad clearly impressed from the first given chance and has forced any plans to loan him out to be forgotten.

The only criticism I have of the lad so far is that he is picking up too many bookings. 3 games and 3 yellows isn't good enough, it's an indication a red card could easily come his way IMO and he will be picking a fair few suspensions if he keeps this going. But he is young, playing really well and showing a lot of commitment so I'm sure he will sort that side of his game out.

Keep it going lad and keep proving those doubters, admittedly such as myself, wrong.
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