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The Kop / Re: Brendan Rodgers - Liverpool FC Manager
« Last post by Rush on Today at 10:35:01 AM »
you know this whole idea of "rebuilding" and "moving forward" and its opposite "starting from scratch" are all really based on a lot of assumptions and guesswork and a lot of things all going right.
Correct. Absolutely correct.

let me put it another way: how exactly do you KNOW we are going in the right direction?  I'm not just talking about Rodgers, but FSG, the players, everything.  How do you know we're going in the right direction?
I personally don't. But based on what I've seen this last month, and with talk of the transfer committee being overhauled, and Studge due back, I'm assuming we are moving in the right direction. How do YOU know we are not?

I mean f**king hell I think it was in 2006 that Bolton finished something like 5th.  I'm sure they thought they were going in the right direction.  didn't work out well for them didn't it.
Correct. Though when Man U didn't win the league that particular season before they did actually win it for the first in 26 years, they were probably thinking things were looking bright and moving in the right direction, and the rest is history. In short, your analogy proves very little - either way.

The point is, you really have no way to know that in fact the road we're on is the right one.  It might be!  but it might not be.
Fed, that's all people are saying; that they 'think' things are moving in the right direction (I've given you my reasons for thinking so).

  You think that consistency is somehow the answer to everything but Everton had Moyes for more than a decade and never won a damn thing.  So consistency doesn't always bring success.  It can definitely bring about mediocrity though.
I think consistently winning and improving is the answer to, well, consistently winning and improving. Your example is flawed because Moyes was nothing more than a manager in a consistent job with a consistent mid table team. There's positive consistency, negative, and mediocre. Anything could qualify as being consistent as long as the status quo is maintained.

We just got rid of one of the top 3 players in world football and replaced him with a bunch of mid-table superstars.  On its surface that doesn't seem like "going in the right direction."  The results since then and the regression of several players from last season only prove the point even further.
Correct. Up until the point where I NOW (currently, this moment) believe things are moving in the right direction. All to do with perspective

it IS possible that in fact we are going in the wrong direction,

Yup. True. It's also entirely possible that we are now going in the right direction.

and it would be better to rip it up and start from scratch than wait another 2-3 years and have to do it anyway.
Wait. What? We ripped it up and started from scratch so many times this last half a dozen seasons that my head is spinning (as was Rafa's, Roy's and KK's). This is the EXACT reason WHY we need to keep the Gaffer at least until season's end and not rip things up - because the evidence however small, points to the fact that we are now moving in the right direction (for the reasons see above).

If we finish 10th this season and Madrid come in with a massive bid for Sterling, do you think he's going to say no?  then if he goes, we'll have lost Suarez and Sterling and still have nothing to show for it.  Oh but it'll be okay as long as we are consistent apparently.
'If' that happens, we'll cross that bridge when we come to it. I can't deal in hypothetical straw man arguments. Or, if so, I put it to you, what if we finish 4th and buy Higuain and capture Khedeira? That's a hypothetical situation of moving in the right direction; but until yours or my hypothetical situation comes to fruition, it's all hot air and assumptions based on trying to predict the future.

Look.  All I'm saying is there is no way to know that we are going in the right direction or not.  We may well be doing.  But we might not be either.
Correct. That's all anyone is saying. Some are saying we might be moving in the wrong direction and others are saying we might be moving in the right direction; you just seem to have a beef with those claiming we are moving in the right direction.

And yet everyone just assumes that as long as you keep ploughing ahead you are doing the right thing.
I haven't see one poster who has said 'as long as we keep ploughing ahead 'regardless of how poor we are playing' we are going in the right direction. Nobody is saying mediocre is great and let's just keep THAT consistent.

People are saying they believe we are moving in the right direction and they are giving their reason, and it's THAT part I think you have missed; that there are 'reasons' some think we are moving in the right direction. They are only small reasons to be fair, and yes, if Arsenal beat us today, folk will re-evaluate the situation. But a win or a loss doesn't really tell the whole story either way. It's a marker, but not the be all and end all. What if Arsenal beat us but we continue to show clear improvement on the field in terms of performance? What if we dominate and they get a fluky penalty in the 92 min?

It's all very subjective where you might think we are right now, but to claim folk are closing their eyes and sticking fingers in their ears and shouting 'we are improving we ARE improving' is not accurate.
LFC Player Threads / Re: Fernandez Suso Player Thread
« Last post by Paisleydalglish on Today at 10:06:34 AM »
Watched them both in resies many a time both showed promise both lightweight and show no sign of improving their faults, both will not make it at highest level, was right about Pacheco will be same with Suso.

Suso is a far better player technically than Pacheco ever was or likely to be

I don't think Suso will stay, maybe the league isn't quote suited to him, in a more technical league he will thrive..

I guarantee you that Suso consistently plays at a higher level than Pacheco

We wont witness it, but that doesn't mean there isn't a player there
The Kop / Re: Is it time to turn to the youth?
« Last post by bad boy bubby on Today at 10:03:12 AM »
We spend so much time investing in our youth only to throw them out in the gutter without any opportunities, spending millions on other young players for them to sit on the bench and play first team football and essentially, taking up our Academy player's spot, why?
Why indeed P_M...

Surely the pragmatist would be thinking - 'Given that we don't have mega rich owners, who are prepared to spend their own money: instead of buying three, four, five, players with potential [when I already have so many], I'll use that money to add strength in depth now.'

If... if "the pragmatist" was allowed to deviate from Company policy, of course.  ;)

The Kop / Re: Brendan Rodgers - Liverpool FC Manager
« Last post by Scotia on Today at 10:00:40 AM »
I don't take quite as much encouragement as some do from the Man Ure & Bournemouth games. Against that lot we lost 3-0 and despite the chances they always looked in control to me as soon as they scored - I'm sorry but I'm not able to take "comfort" from that. We did look more fluid and dynamic against an already overachieving Bournemouth team.....but surely we should.

Today is a big test for me - can we carry the game at home against another under-performing "big" team. 

BR has made a big call with Migs - I applaud him for it - but I can't help but think there are one or two others (Lovren and Allen specifically) that he needs to make.

The group are low on confidence and (to me) consistently they are the weakest links - I honestly can't work out if he keeps picking them because he has little option or because he feels they have to come good because of the money he's spent on them.

Regardless - when you're in a hole don't keep digging.
The Kop / Re: Sterling as a centre forward the solution?
« Last post by zanwalk on Today at 10:00:10 AM »
Doesn't matter if he's sh*t or not, his style of play would be good for us. He presses, good movement and can play off the shoulder of the last man. Would offer a lot more than Lambert & Balo put together. It's more about the team than individual skills for me.

Sterling is a monster as a #10, he'll be more involved in the game and with movement up front and players working the channels, it'll open space up for Sterling to attack  as well as giving passing options for our midfielders.

I would love us to try this vs weaker opposition to allow Borini to get match fit. Gradually, I think an understanding will form and we'll see more of a cohesive and fluid game which could possibly revive Sterling, Coutinho, Hendo etc.

Today for instance?  :D

I have gone for a 2  1 win, in the Prediction League, although not over confident. All the players need to step up for this game after the encouraging win at Bournemouth.
The Arkles / Re: The 'What Has You Feeling Down?' thread
« Last post by stuey on Today at 09:57:31 AM »
Seeing that a person was murdered in Liverpool town centre just because he was an off duty cop, will there be riots will there be posts of outrage on social media, will there be threads of disgust and outrage on this site like there have been re criminals who have been killed......

Pull yer neck in lad, show me the outrage in this forum re criminals meeting an untimely end.

Answer no and by f**k it makes me feel down as it makes me ashamed, every f**king thing wrong with the world, be ashamed by your silence people and don't do us the disrespect of creating a thread of outrage because you have seen this thread. RIP that man

People are ashamed - ashamed at the thought this horrific murder may have been committed by cowards purely because the victim was a police officer.
We know what we know and nothing by way of a comment on an internet forum makes any profound difference to anything.
RIP Neil Doyle thoughts are with his family and friends at this most tragic time.

If BR practices the counter-attack to perfection Arsenal will struggle. As long as we keep the ball in their half we should be ok.

Arsenal has to attack in the game. We can't be having possession for 90 mins. When they attack spring to action when we regain possession and when we have possession keep the ball in their half as long as possible.

The nature of counter attacking football though is you bring them on to you, and then exploit the gaps in behind

So to play counter and pin them in their own half is in terns a contradiction of styles


Doesn't matter

The Kop / Re: The 'Committee'
« Last post by redkop63 on Today at 09:46:07 AM »
Don't worry, Aspas is only out on loan!   :f_tongueincheek:

Aspas. Lololol, I'd get Torres back any day.
Top draw game today and a must win,shall be in the Arkles yet again meeting up with The Frizz and if anyone else would care join the festivities please feel free to geg'in.
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