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Sports / Re: WWE
« Last post by dunlop liddell shankly on Today at 01:12:37 AM »
Good start to RAW that.

Looks like we'll Kane & Orton against Ambrose & Cena though.
The Kop / Re: Has Brendan spent well this summer?
« Last post by Alfie2510 on Today at 12:57:46 AM »
On the subject of transfer business I seen Martin Kelly having another good game on Sunday and he's got quite the fan club at palace already -

I can understand why he was moved on although £1M was a joke. To replace him with a 19 year old with zero experience is strange to me given Johnsons travails last season.
I do feel he could easily offer this team something, perhaps even at CB instead of Toure....shame
LFC Player Threads / Re: Mario Balotelli Player Thread
« Last post by green_bear on Today at 12:53:52 AM »
Why can't he start thinking about himself? Another media storm for that useless tweet.
Oh FFS, nothing's wrong with that.
The Kop / Re: The "positives from the last match" thread
« Last post by MarkMitt on Today at 12:45:19 AM »
Seriously, if anyone thinks there were any positives from that game, then they're deluded. I know my memory is terrible, but I can't recall a worse performance in recent history other than when we lost to Northampton under "Woy". That's low by anyone's standards.
Yep, and it looks like the majority have thrown their cards all over the table. The general consensus seems to be that he is an over the hill old man who has now become a bit of a liability but still good for the odd 30 minutes here and there. Well I've still got a suspicion that the skipper has a fair bit to offer as the season progresses and assuming we can get Studge back and the gaffer can straighten things out a little he will prove a good few people wrong. I'm actually amazed at how quickly the tide of opinion has turned.

Not at all. Everyone knows how pivotal Stevie's form was even last season. But it's clear to see he is struggling. Whether that is age or legs or lack of faith in the defence and keeper is anyone's guess. At the moment, I personally feel he would be more of a threat further forward, but not for the full 90 minutes. But that's my opinion based on current standings.

I don't think people realise just how much of a gap Luis has left. Not in the conventional sense in the goals he scored and his sensational ability, but by his desire and determination he gave in every game. That alone must have given the rest of the team/squad an enormous boost. Minus that spark and it's easy to see why morale/desire/pace etc seem way off.
The Arkles / Re: Do you Believe?
« Last post by Roddenberry on Today at 12:31:35 AM »
That very interesting, was not aware of this ,can you share a link for your research?.

Several different ones, just searched the author's name.
LFC Player Threads / Re: Jordan Henderson Player Thread
« Last post by Dadorious on Today at 12:27:03 AM »
I have a suspicion he never recovered properly from the injury he sustained on England duty and that has hampered him.
The Kop / Re: Liverpool Vs Middlesborough League Cup 23/9/2014 7.45pm
« Last post by Dadorious on Today at 12:23:58 AM »
We need to put out a strong team together, a win is a must and a crucial confidence builder ahead of the derby on Saturday.

The Arkles / Re: Do you Believe?
« Last post by Beerbelly on Today at 12:21:40 AM »
Did a liitle research.  The result of Moore's and Zindani's collaboration is not an academic book and subsequent editions omit and contradict the "Islamic additions". Reverting back to his previous description, they basically admit that the embryology in the Qur'an is a repetition of Greek and Indian medicine.

The co-writer of Moore's book is a leading militant Islamist named Abdul Majeed al-Zindani. He is the founder and head of the Iman University in Yemen, head of the Yemeni Muslim Brotherhood political movement and founder of the Commission on Scientific Signs in the Quran and Sunnah (one of the organizations that spearheaded Bucailleism), based in Saudi Arabia.

As for the co-author Zindani, he served as a contact for Ansar al-Islam (Al), a Kurdish-based terrorist organization linked to al-Qaeda, has links to John Walker Lindh and Anwar al-Awlaki, and in 2004 the US Treasury Department published a press release stating that the United States had by executive order designated Zindani as a "Specially Designated Global Terrorist.

Yep, pretty much found the same stuff on him and his friend. Trying to get a 'Westerner' on board to legitimize their claim. It isn't worth the time of day, still, it seems to console the delirious.
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