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If there's another player half as talented, I hope he comes through the ranks.
Rossiter looks a proper player, and he might just fit the bill if his development continues.

I don't know if anyone can shed some light on this for me, but someone told me that a few of the young lads are doing a lot more training with the first team than used to be the case.

As evident from photographs of recent training sessions. Deffo saw the likes of Williams and Wilson there.

Gerrard? A free agent? That would be disaster for Brendan. He will lose a lot of love and respect.

Then Chelsea snaps him up and he goes to win the trophy that has eluded us this long.

We need to respect the Man and give him the contract he needs.

He is still the best long range passer out there.

If he goes he won't go to a rival and in any case nobody is going to sign him for sentiment reasons. Before I get Drogba thrown in my face, Drogba is still a capable and dangerous player. There's no room for Gerrard in their midfield.

I honestly think he liked what he saw in the US during the pre-season. And they can afford a comparative wage - Henry reputedly earns £3m a season!
It depends how BR thinks newcastle will set up.
If they set up to park the bus, then the same as the last couple of games for me with 1 up top until the hour mark.
Batter them, pull them around, tire them out, then throw on creative players and another striker.

Personally, I don't think Pardew will play that way, so I hope we play 2 up top, Coutinho, Henderson (niggles permitting) and Gerrard, with Sterling behind the front 2.

I'd definitely play Borini after his game the other night, along with Balotelli.
I think the lad has earned his chance.
Now he needs to grab it with both hands and put in another good performance.
The Kop / Re: Brendan Rodgers - Liverpool FC Manager
« Last post by bmck on Today at 07:34:00 PM »
Tight call tomorrow. Geordies on an upswing. Don't want to go there and f**king loose though, given we usually give them a good spanking, leave them nice and quiet munching on their dodgy pie. Hopefully we play best team, though not 100% sure I know what that is :( Start Coutinho anyway, who's been my MOTM in last 2 outings. Possibly 2 strikers - tough pick BR, but it's your bed.
Looking forward to it all the same, have some good memories of games up there, we have it in our genes to f**k these up :)  COYRs!!!!
Balotelli plays better with a striker beside him.
In his first months in Milan Pazzini was fit and played nearly always: they both played pretty well.
Last year he had difficulties because he was lined up as a lone striker (in a 4-2-3-1).
Leaving aside his behavior on the pitch, with another striker he can perform at his best.

Good to hear from our resident AC Milan fan here that Balotelli also struggled as a lone striker in Milan. Hopefully after the Swansea game Brendan will give up forcing the lone striker role on Balo and play him with a striking partner instead, we may just get the best out of him.
Gerrard? A free agent? That would be disaster for Brendan. He will lose a lot of love and respect.

Then Chelsea snaps him up and he goes to win the trophy that has eluded us this long.

We need to respect the Man and give him the contract he needs.

He is still the best long range passer out there.
Fabio - to play, or not to play. While I reckon we should be looking to offload him asap/in Jan for the summer fees mentioned, when Mario plays, we've started to look better with a striker up there with him. Lambert is struggling badly to find touch/form, so much so that even though Borini generally disappoints ( even after a decent performance like against Swansea, when while he didn't score, he ran around a lot / got some shots in, which had people wetting their undees ) would seriously consider sticking him up there with Balotelli. In saying that, would not be surprised if Ricky started. Rock/hard place, it's a close call.
After last season, and S&S scoring bagfulls, having to pick between Fabio and Ricky is pretty sobering.
It'll be a sad day when Captain Fantastic leaves the club. He's the Liverpool legend of my time and someone who I can tell my grandchildren one day, "Yep, I grew up watching Steven Gerrard play, what a legend".
The Arkles / Re: What was on TV when you were born?
« Last post by Scally21 on Today at 07:21:05 PM »
According to the site it was:-

12.05 : Space Kidettes

First recollection of a tv program was Teliffant.
The Arkles / Re: The what are you drinking thread
« Last post by Darth Joe on Today at 07:17:15 PM »
3.16am in Malaysia, reading the forum, while downing Tiger beer in a frozen mug.
Don't reckon he'll be at LFC next season. He feels he can still do a job at the moment, and he can - if he didn't, he'd be gone already. Don't think he'll want to fade in the red shirt, have the 'we need to talk about SG' type debate grow, maybe start to struggle to perform the way he wants to. In saying that, think he'll still want to play ball - and at another club, while not at the same level, he could play without the same kind of pressure, expectation etc

Also, he's be such a good servant to the club, so loyal - and been here so long, wouldn't be surprised if he felt it time for a new challenge, in the knowledge that nobody at the club would begrudge him that (whereas had he left a few years back when he nearly went to Chelsea, might have coloured a few fans opinions). Coming to the end of your playing career, would say you'd want to squeeze every last drop out of it. If he is considering some kind of coaching/other job in the future at LFC, might be good time to take a break before possibly coming back in some capacity.

I'm massive fan of SG, think he is absolutely one of the top3 or 4 players ever to have played for the club. Don't buy into the whole 'but he didn't win this, or as many of that'. You can see it in the way he plays, how he carries himself, what he says, how much the club, fans etc mean to him. Definitely bleeds LFC red through and through. How many great LFC moments of past years have been down to SG - this is a guy who stands up to be counted when the chips are down, leads from the front, inspires people around him - there aren't too f**king many of them guys around.

Obviously could be completely wrong :) ,  but no matter when he hangs up the red shirt, will be very sorry to see him go. They don't make too many like SG.
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