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Sports / Re: Rugby
« Last post by Magillionare on Today at 08:57:18 PM »
Tonga putting up a fight
European and World Football / Re: Euro 2016 Qualifiers
« Last post by mcarz on Today at 08:52:10 PM »
Kane and Sterling look so sh*t. Kane gives away the ball all the time and Sterling can't seem to shoot, cross or pass.

Barkley is being a diving c**t again.
The Arkles / Re: The what are you drinking thread
« Last post by Brian78 on Today at 08:50:09 PM »
On the veltins Pilsner as we speak in honour of the new gaffer
The Kop / Re: The Transfer Committee Thread
« Last post by KopiteLuke on Today at 08:48:56 PM »
Direct quotes = documented proof.

Sorry to break this illusion but quotes are not documented proof, they are actually just quotes. Proof requires evidence and corroboration, as I said do you believe your mother who told you there was a Santa Claus? This is a quote, but it isn't documented proof, that should be simply enough for you grasp the difference.

The you say one of them is lying, but if that's the case, then both of them must be as they are working under the same system.

See this is where you're struggling, because they say the same thing does not denote both are lying, one can indeed be telling the truth and the other be lying and they aren't actually working under the same system but indeed Klopp has brought his own men and and the system has indeed changed, hope this isn't too complex for you to follow, because it's actually relatively simple and proven above.

2 quotes, both straight from the people concerned, saying exactly the same thing in a different way.

Saying exactly the same thing in a different way isn't exactly the same thing. One said there was a problem and it is now not a problem, therefore the problem has been fixed. They actually said different things, you choose to hear them the same, you choose to believe them as documented proof, you choose to delude yourself, your problem and not mine.

I actually pity you right now for being so wedded to your agenda that you will swear black is white, and insult managers old and new, just so that you can think you're right.

I've proven I'm right with evidence, you've suggested you're right by providing "evidence" I provided with you, this evidence would not stand the burden of proof.

2 direct quotes, straight from 2 managers, and you are still trying to argue the toss, not to mention your internet silliness where you skate around the edges of the rules with personal remarks hoping to get enough of a reaction that you can report it.

Saying the same thing over and over and expecting it to prove anything.

If I told you the sky was green would you believe me because I told you, or would you look up and confirm it for yourself with evidence.

The evidence shows conclusively that you're wrong, that the two systems in place are completely different and will operate differently going forward.

Facts Swab, not conjecture.

Just in case you missed the point:

Quotes are not documented proof without corroboration.
LFC Player Threads / Re: Roberto Firmino Player Thread
« Last post by siavashiva on Today at 08:47:24 PM »
Strangest first post ever award guys?

I didn't expect any less from an "arctic lizard" haha.
The Kop / Re: Jürgen Klopp - Liverpool FC Manager
« Last post by s@int on Today at 08:44:41 PM »

Yeah I agree mate, I'm starting to worry he may be too tall for us


I'm just concentrating on my team and especially my manager today
The Kop / Re: Jürgen Klopp - Liverpool FC Manager
« Last post by sore monad on Today at 08:43:52 PM »

I have a dream.

Its May 7th 2016 Anfield.

We are beating Watford  3-0  and are already four points ahead of City at the top of the Premiership.

We are on the way to the title.

5 minutes to go and Jurgen makes a sub.
Sitting behind the dug out is someone we all know.
Someone who LFC had re registered with the FA in January.

The player rises and off comes his trackie. 
The linesman raises his board. 

He runs on the the field with a wall of noise and a knowing, smiling manager looking on.

He makes a couple of touches
The final whistle blows.
He slumps to his knees. Hands covering his face.
The rest of the players surround him.

He rises and walks over to the table where the Premier League trophy stands.
Its passed over to him.
He turns.

He faces the Kop.

He raises the trophy above his head to a wall of deafening noise.

Steven George Gerrard   MBE.

He now has them all.

On the touchline a tall bearded gentleman grins from ear to ear.

Liverpool 4 is an emotional wave.

Thought it was going to be Kenny Dalglish there for a minute  ;D
The Kop / Re: Jürgen Klopp - Liverpool FC Manager
« Last post by srslfc on Today at 08:42:55 PM »
The analyst he's bringing with him is the opposition analyst as far as I know, so along with his assistant coach, neither will be sitting on the "committee"

The Kop / Re: Jürgen Klopp - Liverpool FC Manager
« Last post by Scotia on Today at 08:42:39 PM »

That's a damn fine looking tunnel  ;)
The Kop / Re: Jürgen Klopp - Liverpool FC Manager
« Last post by Gongfarmer on Today at 08:40:09 PM »
Very, very excited bunny here. Let's make sure we give him the funds he needs to build us up again.

Fair play to those involved in making sure we captured him as manager. And a thankyou to Didi, you know he said the right things when he got the call from Klopp
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