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      Today is the 23rd of April and on this date LFC's match record is P25 W11 D4 L10

      Wigan win

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      Wigan win
      Feb 11, 2006 05:12:49 pm
      A great win today at Wigan, especially with Chelsea slipping up.

      We really should and could have been a lot closer to them. We certainly gave away at least one point at Man United which could have been three if Djibril Cisse could hit a barn door with a banjo.

      Birmingham, two points definitely dropped.

      And Charlton, that should have been a cast iron three points. In fact I still haven't come to terms with that one.

      And the Chelsea game.  That was a classic six pointer and sealed the title for them.

      Last season we got 58 points in the whole season, and to be fair that is what we should have been on at the moment. 13 games left and we are on 48 points. Liverpool should be aiming for at least 70 points this season, and arguably a target of 75 for a vastly improved season and a good springboard for the season ahead.
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      Wigan win
      Reply #1: Feb 11, 2006 07:31:53 pm
      I don't know which i'm more thrilled about, us winning or Chelsea getting beat !!  Gives the rest of us something to think about though if Middlesbrough can beat them.  Still don't know whats happening with our strikers, not a piddling goal between them this year, a little bit worrying me thinks, a bit of a buggar when you got to get your goals from your defenders !!  Did Van de Saar stay off injured in the Man Utd game ?  hope so !!!  Gives us a better chance next week if our strikers can get it together and actually have a shot at goal.  I'm looking forward to it though and i'll be cheering our boys on no matter what. My faith hads'nt waivered yet but its a bitter pill to swallow if we go out of the FA Cup to the Mancs, lets hope today is the start of a good run once again..

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