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      Next match: Man Utd v LFC [Premier League] Sun 20th Oct @ 4:30 pm
      Old Trafford

      Today is the 14th of October and on this date LFC's match record is P21 W9 D6 L6

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      The Kop / Re: Liverpool 3:2 Rangers: Legends game.
      « Last post by heimdall on Today at 10:46:32 am »
      Gerrard still looking pretty decent, oh if only he'd been born a few years later and could have played in this Klopp team!
      The Kop / Re: Liverpool 3:2 Rangers: Legends game.
      « Last post by TameImpala on Today at 10:06:42 am »
      No real issue with them referring to it as a legends game. It's a charity match at a discounted price at the end of the day, so if the organizers need to big it up a bit to raise a few more quid then that's fine by me.

      Yes Pennant might be a bit of a whopper but he showed up & played his part in raising a lot of money for good causes on the day. And to be fair to him he was nowhere near as bad as some of the dross that's played for us down the years, actually thought he was half decent during his time here.

      Hats off to everyone involved
      Media and Entertainment / Re: The Film Discussion Thread.
      « Last post by ConzS on Today at 09:55:45 am »
      Definitely going to catch Joker but will wait a couple of weeks to see it in quieter theatres (I like empty theatres!). Good to see, as RedPuppy says, that it isn't "yet another" comic book movie either.

      I was looking at director Todd Phillips filmography and was amazed to see that sex comedy Road Trip was his first film! And he directed that Starsky and Hutch film with Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson (which I quite liked!)

      Safe to say he's come a long way since then if the reviews of this are anything to go by!
      I didn’t know this. Love that, up there with my favourite feel good movies.
      The Kop / Re: Man United v Liverpool Sunday 20th October 16:30KO
      « Last post by TameImpala on Today at 09:38:35 am »
      These will be up for it, same as last season. All the infighting and cynicism from their support will be put to one side for a few hours because if there's one thing they hate even more than the glazers / woodward, it's Liverpool.

      We can't be showing them too much respect like we did in March, defensively they haven't been so bad this season but going forward they can't seem to hit a barn door, so it makes complete sense to take risks and attack them from the go.

      I'm 26 years old so never in my lifetime have we had a better opportunity to embarrass United on their own turf as much as we will on Sunday. I think & I hope that we'll win this & score 4+ but we need to play without fear because on an occasion like this they still have the opportunity to grind out a result like they did last season if we allow ourselves to be too conservative
      The Kop / Re: Man United v Liverpool Sunday 20th October 16:30KO
      « Last post by Keith Singleton on Today at 09:16:42 am »
      Form out the window with this game, especially at Old Trafford, MU will be up for this one, no doubt, going to be a tough one. 1-0 LFC

      In most cases I agree with you. However, the gulf between both sides is to big on this match.
      The Kop / Re: If you had a choice
      « Last post by TameImpala on Today at 09:11:27 am »
      No it doesn't. It depends on the challenge involved.

      If we accept that the biggest clubs are expected to get to the quarter finals of the European Cup minimum, that gives them 5 games to win the European Cup over 6-8 weeks. Depending on the draw, you could get e.g. City in the quarter finals, or you could score in 5 minutes against Porto and win 6-1.

      To win this league, means being the most consistent team over 38 games in 9-10 months, against all types of teams, in all kinds of conditions, and not always with the strongest team. Games can be played at lunchtime and the next one nearer bedtime. Some can be played in 30c or -3c. Others can be played after a 2 week break, or during Christmas with less than 48 hours between them. All kinds of banana skins in the way to deal with.

      The domestic league is always harder to win and carries greater reward. That's not saying that we should ignore the European Cup. The biggest clubs try to win everything they enter, and so should we.

      I think the European Cup is still the biggest prize in club football. If you look across Europe, it's not uncommon for managers to be seen as "failures" for winning their domestic league but not the European Cup. Some of this will be down to boardroom pressure because of the financial rewards for winning the European Cup but a lot of supporters will definitely feel the same way. Barca have walked the league last few seasons but there's been a lot of unrest in the support because of their failure to win a European Cup in that time.

      I think if you'd have asked our supporters at the start of the 2005 season if they'd prefer the European Cup or the league, I imagine the majority would have went for the European Cup. It's just that we're now at a stage where we haven't won it in so long it's became a running joke & a monkey on our back.

      Another difference between the two is that I'd say it's easier to buy a league title than a European Cup. You can go out and spend millions on a squad and there's a good chance you'll win the league as things like injuries & fatigue won't really have an effect due to the size and quality of the squad. European Cup is a different kettle of fish, evening games, different countries, different atmospheres. That's why your PSGs & Man Citys are often like a rabbit in the headlights because they're used to steamrolling their way past teams in the league & get quite a shock once they realize that playing in Naples or Liverpool doesn't have the same feel as a saturday afternoon domestic game
      The Olympia / Re: The Count to a million Thread
      « Last post by zz19a on Today at 07:38:06 am »
      71 925
      The Olympia / Re: The Count to a million Thread
      « Last post by gopher on Today at 07:35:32 am »
      The Kop / Re: Man United v Liverpool Sunday 20th October 16:30KO
      « Last post by Vicks86 on Today at 06:44:22 am »
      Midfield selection is gonna be crucial. Milly, Ox, Keita, Lallana didnt have any int'l duty.. Hendo played an unimpressive 90 mins vs Czech and might play again.. Gini played yesterday, so that's a weeks rest. Fab played just for 10 mins and we know he is gonna start.

      Gonna go with Milly and Ox for the other spots. Gives us a bit of penetration and tactical flexibility to change formations midway. We need that cool head in the middle and Milly gives that. Although Gini's form could mean Ox starting from the bench. Lovren probably starts again. May be Mane starts on the right and Mo thru the middle........ and Alisson is back!

      Bobby Mane
      Milner Fab Ox
      Robbo Virgil Lovren Trent

      Subs: Adrian, Gomez, Hendo, Gini, Keita, Lallana, Origi
      LFC Player Threads / Re: Georginio Wijnaldum Player Thread
      « Last post by king kenny on Today at 01:15:55 am »
      Net buster!
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