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      Next match: LFC v Spurs [Premier League] Sun 31st Mar @ 4:30 pm

      Today is the 24th of March and on this date LFC's match record is P22 W12 D4 L6

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      A few more seasons here he would be ready for the Barca challenge now.

      He was 1 rung below world class in my opinion purely based on never putting it together for 1 totally brilliant full season.

      He's struggling and my guess is his confidence is low and he doesn't have the respect of his team mates that say Suarez could command based on reputation.

      PSG next perhaps?
      Steven Gerrard, what a player... I'm sure he could still have a considerable impact in our team if he was still playing. Pure talent.
      How does Johnson and Diao classify as legends? Both were more harm than good for us. Obviously weren’t able to locate Finnan since he disappeared from the face of the earth.
      The Kop / Re: Points on board or Games in hand
      « Last post by barney73 on Yesterday at 06:40:40 pm »
      If Citeh are so good how do you explain the games they have lost this season? Whatever answer you give apply that to their remaining games and explain how it won't happen again.
      Think we will drop points as well before season over so think city will have to drop points in two games. But who knows. I think spurs might take a point off them.
      Watching Stevie do that at the end reminds me of what a truly inspirational player he was, a once in a generation player who we were lucky to call our own , oh I miss watching that lad play .
      Cracking afternoon entertainment,  hopefully raised a few quid too

      over £1million today for the Foundation which does incredible work for some people that really do need a helping hand.
      The Olympia / Re: The Count to a million Thread
      « Last post by gopher on Yesterday at 05:15:49 pm »
      Thought more would be interested in this. A chance to see some players who are true legends to this club. Robbie Fowler and Stevie both scoring . Seeing one of my all time favourites  Dirk Kuyt Berger and Smicer. Cisse OMG its a bit fan over load.
      Agger and Sami Jamie and Dudek.  Jimmy Traore came from Seattle to play today our hero from Istanbul thankyou so much.
      But for me today seeing Stevie back at Anfield scoring the winner in front of the Kop is a reminder that we should always remember him for how he dragged this club and team to heights we all enjoyed and in Istanbul he played the game of his life to give us a night we can take to our death beds and remember with a very satisfying smile

      Cracking afternoon entertainment,  hopefully raised a few quid too
      I think there was a sell out 50,000 plus crowd today what can you say
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