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      Next match: LFC v Fulham [Premier League] Sun 3rd Dec @ 2:00 pm

      Today is the 1st of December and on this date LFC's match record is P26 W15 D7 L4

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      The Olympia / Re: The Count to a million Thread
      « Last post by zz19a on Yesterday at 09:10:41 pm »
      The Kop / Re: Liverpool 4-0 LASK: In game and Post Match discussion
      « Last post by chats on Yesterday at 08:21:34 pm »
      Gakpo and Nunez are completely different players and both will get games that should suit them more.

      It’s up to Jürgen to get it right about who to start. Last weekend we went with Nunez’s power and pace against City but in hindsight Gakpo probably was the better shout.
      The Kop / Re: Liverpool 4-0 LASK: In game and Post Match discussion
      « Last post by tezmac on Yesterday at 06:50:30 pm »
      Played well but still very open at the back a better team would have taken advantage of the poor defending
      The Kop / Re: Liverpool 4-0 LASK: In game and Post Match discussion
      « Last post by David Wright on Yesterday at 06:41:57 pm »
      Maybe slightly fortunate opposition very poor up front. Although more or less controlled the game throughout, without really moving into top gear.
      The Kop / Re: Liverpool 4-0 LASK: In game and Post Match discussion
      « Last post by Harrisimo on Yesterday at 06:26:22 pm »
      Could go Diaz,Nunez,Mo with Cody playing just off the front 3. 'In the hole'. Whatever comes or goes the Boss has to get our forward permutations right. Moaned that we should've killed the game in the first half. Even in the second half the final ball often went astray.

      General Football Forum / Re: The Official: Laugh At The Mancs Thread
      « Last post by Don77 on Yesterday at 06:15:37 pm »
      Onana 2nd best keeper in the league says ETH  :lmao: :lmao: :lmao: :lmao: :lmao:
      The Kop / Re: Liverpool 4-0 LASK: In game and Post Match discussion
      « Last post by FL Red on Yesterday at 05:37:17 pm »
      Gakpo is a better footballer than nunez.

      And when it comes to putting the ball in the net from 2 yards or 10 yards gakpo all day is a better finisher as well.

      Gakpo - 16 matches 6 goals and 1 assist
      Nunez - 19 matches 7 goals and 5 assists

      Looks pretty even.

      Eye test tells me Nunez strikes fear more for opposing defenders and I would suggest his defensive workrate is higher. Could be why Klopp seems to favor him.
      LFC Player Threads / Re: Darwin Núñez Player Thread (F)
      « Last post by FL Red on Yesterday at 05:30:01 pm »
      I've said it before he's 5th choice out of 5. Without jota he's 4th choice out of 4. Nice to have from the bench. I really like Darwin and his attitude and aggressiveness.  But there are things in his game he needs to be much better at. 4 better all round players and more consistent players ahead of him.

      Salah , Jota and Gakpo are our best 3 for me. I like the balance that Cody gives and he's great in that false 9 position. He's a good finisher too. We were much better when he came on at city.

      Salah Gakpo and Diaz should be starting against Fulham with Darwin to come from the bench. That's the way I see it and the boss will have his own opinion of course and his is all that matters.

      Put the crack pipe down eh?
      LFC Player Threads / Re: Darwin Núñez Player Thread (F)
      « Last post by rossyred on Yesterday at 04:50:03 pm »
      In addition to what you said, I still think we have a problem feeding Nunez. One thing you notice every time he is on the pitch is the amount of smart runs he makes is mind boggling yet very little of those runs are met with understanding from many of his teammates and even less with quality delivery. He could've have two tap-ins yesterday if it wasn't for an incredible poor cut-back from Tsimikas that sent the ball way over him and then another even poorer cross from someone else (can't remember if it was also Kostas). Made a ton of smart runs against City, but nobody would even try to find him most of the time which forced him to drop back to midfield to be involved in the play much more than you'd ideally want your striker to have to do. 

      His runs are pure striker runs, they are smart and very direct. If Nunez was for example making those runs for City with De Bruyne delivering passes like he does for Haaland, he would be top of the scoring charts. As much as I think his finishing could be better, the truth is that the deliveries around him could also be much better.

      Completely agree about the runs he makes a point I have made on several occasions . I haven't seen many if any better and I think if say Mac played further up would.find on a more regular basis
      Sports / Re: Snooker
      « Last post by dunlop liddell shankly on Yesterday at 04:45:52 pm »
      For the second consecutive round, O'Sullivan survives a final frame decider. He went three up then four-one up and ended up five-four down after playing like a pub player but in the final two frames he was back to looking boss.

      He'll play Hossein Vafaei in the semi finals, who won 6-4 against Zhang Anda in a match that had a lot of quality in it. Be interesting to see how Vafaei and O'Sullivan interact with each other after their previous meetings.
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