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      Today is the 27th of September and on this date LFC's match record is P21 W8 D7 L6

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      LFC Player Threads / Re: Sadio Mané Player Thread
      « Last post by HUYTON RED on Today at 11:51:57 am »
      Soz mate only on you tube, but I thought can't be, just needed confo.
      Most of you know I'm a Dino at this

      Introduce us....i imagine it'll be some f**king muppet sat in his ma's bedroom chatting sh*te. Swerve you tube for people's opinions it's usually full of dickheads.
      LFC Player Threads / Re: Georginio Wijnaldum Player Thread
      « Last post by HUYTON RED on Today at 11:49:02 am »
      I would say sell him to 45 to 50 mil pound to Barca as we have Alcantara now. He just doesn't do enough in forward position. When he came he was doing a bit of things despite it seems he has complete stopped doing those things since a long while. He is so predictable as well whenever we play big teams. When he is having a bad day from the start, you'll know the whole games outcome as well! He is mentally not strong enough, nor have the capability to make things happen ENOUGH for the front three as we've seen this outcome so so many times!

       Just sell him to Barca! Nor his style of play and way of scoring goals were smart enough! He does miss sitters as well... I always thought he wasn't smart enough to be a Liverpool player! End of!

      Or keep both!
      LFC Player Threads / Re: Fabinho Player Thread
      « Last post by HUYTON RED on Today at 11:47:29 am »
      Looking at most of our central midfielders and their wit and ability infront of goal or to get a or some goals, if Klopp was clever enough and have seen enough enthusiasm to play as much as anywhere, should have turned you as that AM... I think you could have filled that Kagawa and Henrik role, absolutely well, mate! Looking how they were..., and how you can roll fast with the ball forward as well! It's just a totally unbalanced midfield and we don't know what to do, anymore!

      Hahahaha you sure you're deffo not a plazzy manc?

      You do a good job of comparing our players to their bags of sh*te including that shithouse Ronaldo.
      LFC Player Threads / Re: Diogo Jota Player Thread
      « Last post by HUYTON RED on Today at 11:44:02 am »
      I still think winger Nani is way ahead of John Barnes as all time top ever wingers ranking! Because he feels so so much fun and freedom to do even more things than John Barnes. Nani can be all over the pitch just like CR unlike Barnes.

      Welcome to the forum and all that but that is utter f**king bullshit. Nani better than John Barnes?

      That's f**king blasphemy in my book.
      LFC Player Threads / Re: Sheyi Ojo Player Thread
      « Last post by Kopite78 on Today at 11:39:28 am »
      I still believe, havaing watched him in the past, would do a much better job overall than Firmino! Firmino was just never a brazilian in the first place because hs isn't too bothered about playing football and being in the game, so like a Marecana is lifting up an absolute absolute football game!

       So keep him and sell Firmino for now because Roberto is too too predictable into not delivering all the time..!

      Could someone lock up this ones computer access please

      General Football Forum / Re: Premier League 2020/21
      « Last post by HUYTON RED on Today at 11:39:23 am »

      Footy comp, throw a tenner in and pick a team, that team wins you crack on picking another team from the fixtures every week until one person wins.
      General Football Forum / Re: The Official: Laugh At Everton Thread
      « Last post by Kopite78 on Today at 11:35:39 am »
      Theyll crack top 4 this year, at the expense of utd or chelsea

      Not for me

      Will let too many in and the squad doesnt have the depth

      They still a fair way off for me
      General Football Forum / Re: VAR
      « Last post by FATKOPITE10 on Today at 11:09:30 am »
      Saw the penalty real Madrid got last night when essentially the betis defender got pushed into the ball and hit part of the arm where supposedly in the pl it wouldn't be given. Instead of clarity it brings chaos and again it isn't the fault of var but the cretins operating it
      General Football Forum / Re: The Official: Laugh At Everton Thread
      « Last post by Brian78 on Today at 11:00:55 am »
      Not sure they'll manage that with Pickford in goal, he's going to cost them a good few points this season.

      He will no doubt, but I just feel Utd and chelsea will be so shambolic this year itll let them in, Arsenal potentially to.
      Liked this one. But I'd like to have Grujic as a sub instead of Shaqiri.

      I disagree, Jones can cover the midfield but Shaqiri offers something different.S
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