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      Next match: LFC v West Ham [Premier League] Mon 24th Feb @ 8:00 pm - Pre Match Topic

      Today is the 22nd of February and on this date LFC's match record is P23 W6 D10 L7

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      LFC Player Threads / Re: Jordan Henderson Player Thread
      « Last post by Shabs on Yesterday at 01:16:49 pm »
      Out for 3 weeks with hamstring injury.. 😡
      The Kop / Re: Pre Match: Liverpool v West Ham United (Monday 24.02.20 8PM K.O)
      « Last post by skamp on Yesterday at 01:11:07 pm »
      Liverpool coasted through the match and beat a lethargic West Ham 0-3
      Was 2-0, not 3-0
      Summer 2020 Transfer Board / Re: Adam Lallana (Leicester)
      « Last post by waltonl4 on Yesterday at 01:10:07 pm »
      Big fan of Adam he would be a great squad player filling in when required and doing a great job. I just don't see him playing 40 or 50 games a season like he did 4 seasons ago its been about 20 since then. He isn't going to play a full season with any club is he so why leave unless its down to money and at 31 he really should have enough tucked away to be able to stay here and add silverware to his career
      be more than happy with a 1=0 for the next 5 games there is only one aim now get this title won . Great opening post bringing back those memories of 2006 and a force of nature called Steven Gerrard once again doing what only he could.
      I think 5-0 simply because there will be a reaction after the frustration on Tuesday
      The Kop / Re: Pre Match: Liverpool v West Ham United (Monday 24.02.20 8PM K.O)
      « Last post by sms1986 on Yesterday at 12:23:04 pm »
      I'm predicting a 4-0 win, we'll want to put the first leg defeat behind us.
      Cheers mate, will get the West Ham one started.

      (Gives me something to type so that it actually looks as though I'm doing some work in the office)


      I'm beyond the point of pretending to work these days.

      Waiting on a tap on the shoulder any day now 😂
       West Ham are in for a hiding. Mismanaged club at boardroom level as well as the boot room. I believe they spent close on £100m on Fornal,Haller and Anderson. Wiltshire was signed on a free at £100k per week. Total mess. Noble is a decent player but I be very surprised if they keep the ball out of their net less than 5 times.
      Straight forward victory for the Reds here, 3  0 or maybe be more. Roll on Monday night !
      Yeah air max certainly has cult status amongst the scallies  in Liverpool a bit like ‘rockport’when they first launched in the city,I’m an Adidas guy myself so I’ll be sticking with me Gazelle 🤣.

      Yeah I'm an Adidas loyalist myself. Don't think I've ever paid over 50 odd quid for a pair of trabs let alone £100+, so I'll be giving the 110's a miss for the foreseeable!
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