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      LFC Player Threads / Re: Darwin Núñez Player Thread (F)
      « Last post by The-AllMightyReds on Yesterday at 09:34:12 am »

      On his weaker foot too, you love to see it.

      You can't teach finishing like that.  ;)

      30 goals at least next season for El Hairstylero
      LFC Player Threads / Re: Darwin Núñez Player Thread (F)
      « Last post by alex1995 on Yesterday at 09:18:15 am »

      Great. I hope he does well and come back full of confidence. I am very optimistic about him. In a good team with good delivery, he should score.
      European & World Football / Re: European Championship 2024🏆
      « Last post by verde-rubro on Yesterday at 09:13:55 am »
      France will need to out score Holland to not come over to the other side of the draw if they want to avoid Portugal Spain and Germany.
      Germany got a 1-1 draw in the 93rd minute otherwise they would of been on England's side of the draw, England with a straight run to the final
      Summer 2024 LFC Transfer Board / Re: Scouting talk
      « Last post by alex1995 on Yesterday at 09:12:23 am »
      Around 12-15 last season I would say as I watch la liga often

      He is the future, he is a better option than Diaz and Nunez and that’s what I’ve seen by performances if you just know

      We need to aim higher, not make excuses for why things can’t be done

      It’s remarkable how you assume things of people without getting your information correct :/

      I think we need to aim to fix our problems from last season and one of them is replacing a forward line who sadly are not up to the mark. Too many people on here accept a low level and simply hope

      Someone like nico can be an excellent squad player to have to really help build our future attack

      We currently have Salah on the way out of his prime if not already

      Diaz who has tried to whore himself via his dad everywhere it seems

      And Nunez- the Europa league stat chaser

      Both of the last two are not good enough btw

      Sorry, but while I was impressed by him during the Euro, we can't say he's better than any player we have right now. Just look at the stats.

      Diaz was the top scorer of the Portugese league when he came. Nunez was a top scorer and I suspect his stats were as good if not better than William's.

      He might be a world-class player soon, but I'm not sure that he would improve the team drastically. Jota and Diaz are very good, Diaz has been disappointing lately but he has a track record and is an established player for Liverpool and his national team. Gakpo is having a great Euro and will be fighting for this LW position. Jota is Jota and will be a starter or put pressure on any forward player.

      I think we need established players who would improve the starting X1 right away.

      For midfield, if Kimmich is available, I think it would be good to have him. We need players who know how to win and can lead the team to success.
      For the attack, I believe we're sorted, I expect Diaz, Nunez and Gakpo to step up and I rate Jota highly. If he's injury free, he will score a lot. Salah is Salah and if the team is set up properly and Salah is put in good conditions, he'll be his usual self and push us forward. But if we need someone more, I'd like a player who has played at the top level at least two seasons, not a 20 year-old who has everything to prove.

      My concern is defence. We conceded too much and too early. Gomez is also injury prone and while VVD is back to his better self, he's past his peak. We'll probably look for a young capable CB. The scouts should have done their homework already.

      The Arkles / Re: Happy Birthday Thread
      « Last post by Keith Singleton on Yesterday at 07:58:14 am »

      Happy Birthday Dave. No doubt u must be getting sh*t faced somewhere. Enjoy Brother.

      I dont do Birthdays as their only for pussy’s but if I did Dave happy 60th.  :lmao:
      General Football Forum / Re: The Official: Laugh At The Mancs Thread
      « Last post by Keith Singleton on Yesterday at 07:55:16 am »
      Ten Fags out Southgate in please

      So Ten must be doing something right if you want him out Tez. 😂 Maybe it’s because he’s won a Micky mouse trophy and a Major inside two years… 🤪🤪🤪
      LFC Player Threads / Re: Darwin Núñez Player Thread (F)
      « Last post by Kurt Cocaine on Yesterday at 07:52:03 am »
      LFC Player Threads / Re: Darwin Núñez Player Thread (F)
      « Last post by rossyred on Yesterday at 07:36:14 am »
      Off the mark with a well taken volley
      Summer 2024 LFC Transfer Board / Re: Scouting talk
      « Last post by Scottbot on Yesterday at 07:28:03 am »

      Haha that’s a very good point!
      Summer 2024 LFC Transfer Board / Re: Scouting talk
      « Last post by Scottbot on Yesterday at 07:27:06 am »
      Really? I’m not too concerned where they came from as long as they fit and play well.

      I don't rate the league, epl is a big big step up for my mind. It’s one of the reasons I’m nervous about the Slot appointment. Never played or managed outside of Holland.
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