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      Today is the 16th of January and on this date LFC's match record is P20 W12 D2 L6

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      LFC Player Threads / Re: Fabinho Player Thread
      « Last post by Court LFC on Yesterday at 03:40:37 pm »
      Testament to Klopp really, he could have thrown Fab in to the team to shut down all the talk about him being a flop, to please the fans who were questioning why he wasn’t playing. Now, he could well be one of our most important players alongside Alisson, Virgil, Robbo, Bobby and Mo. Give him a position to play and you can rely on him to make it look easy. I think the good forward play that Fab has done so far stands him in good stead to be able to fill in at RB, he can pick a pass that lad.

      Bang on.

      His positional awareness is what impresses me the most. His timing also, doesn't get too close, waits and then puts in a surgical tackle. It will be very interesting to see him up and down the flank in Trent's absence (should Klopp decide not to go with Milner, Camacho, Hoever).

      Arguably, no one's picked a ball like he has since a certain 'creative midfielder' left. Must be a Brazillian thing!
      The Kop / Re: We are top of the league!
      « Last post by Harrisimo on Yesterday at 03:35:49 pm »
      I'm not scared of city having world class players, I'm more fearful of them having players like Kung-Fu Kompany and a group of world class divers ala sterling that can do no wrong in the eyes of the highly suspected figure in black.

      Sterling is a key player for City, his pace and tenacity are vital to their team. He has so much pace from a standing start, like Owen before Owen turned 20 and his injuries started. It's amazing that Sterling doesn't seem to suffer from hamstring strains. We got £44m....should've been £88m in truth.
      LFC Player Threads / Re: Fabinho Player Thread
      « Last post by German_Panzer on Yesterday at 03:35:41 pm »
      Fabinho really made me humble concerning Keita. With Mourinho (and to some extent Pep) - both Fab and Keita - would be in a doghouse long time ago. But Jürgen can still make those "slow developers" into cornerstone players. Looking forward to see his magic on Keita. Jürgen can walk on water.
      Yeah,Luke was not just a good poster but a good person too, hope he’s safe & well....

      Off doing a body language course ;)   :laugh:
      This i almost heart breaking and so ignorant...
      There are millions of supporters all over this planet that support Liverpool that have as you put it "haven’t been anywhere near the city left alone the ground" that love the club so much that some of them have spend a months wages to see Liverpool play whether that be in competition or on tour, some of them have slept out side stadium to get that chance, and some have no choice but to watch then via the internet, and what about the Lads and Girl here on this very site, that supports Us and watch us from the U.S, Canada, Australia who will never will or live in hope that one day they will have the chance to see Liverpool play at Anfield...?

      The sad think in that you view them as a less almost subspecies of fandom not worthy or your respect and therefor fair game for your insults and abuse by virtue that they were not born in, or lived in Liverpool...

      What more can I say...


      No problem at all if the person in question buys into the values and traditions of the club.

      Too many don't, and are dismissive and even disdainful of those values.
      That's the problem.
      The Kop / Re: We are top of the league!
      « Last post by German_Panzer on Yesterday at 03:32:06 pm »
      The scary thing is that Citeh look amazing again now but then they also looked amazing at the beginning of December and look how that went!.

      Good point. I am still wondering how they could lose those two games. It makes me believe into The Matrix.
      Excellent post mate...

      Miss posters like KopiteLuke  :(

      Yeah,Luke was not just a good poster but a good person too, hope he’s safe & well....
      The Olympia / Re: The Count to a million Thread
      « Last post by zz19a on Yesterday at 03:27:53 pm »
      January Transfer Board / Re: General Transfer rumours/gossip thread
      « Last post by adammac on Yesterday at 03:25:00 pm »
      It wasn't just that Cyne played against Manure, its that he played very well, much better than Milner recently played at RB.

      Milner done good job filling in at RB vs Wolves/Bournemouth earlier this season when called upon, just as good as Clyne appearance vs Man Utd. I can understand supporters can be annoyed thinning out the squad but I don't see much difference in quality between the two.
      Well said buddy, all day long. ++++++++++11111111
      May I add on to your excellent post :-

      1.  Respect others if you want others to respect you. Be courteous. if you want to be respected.
      2.  Starting a post by "insulting" or "bullying" another member into agreeing with your opinion is definitely a no no. You'll instantly lose your respect by others and courting insults upon yourself. They'll start ignoring you and soon you'll be talking to yourself.
      3. Don't start with those first liners like ... can't you stop moaning we have just won, how long have you been watching the game?, have you been to Anfield?, I am watching from the stand, how long have you been a supporter? shut up!!!!! ... blah blah blah ....
      It's here that we come round to moan and make noise and make it lively, otherwise, this place will be dead like a mortuary.
      4.  This is an open forum, nobody needs to listen to anyone or agree with anyone, each to its opinion, try to understand that first before coming on here to post.
      5. Don't try to win all debates, you'll only get your inflated ego badly hurt and also bad for your health and mood.
      6. If one can't accept the fact that members here are from different generations and expectations differs then we have to realize that soon and to accept that. Members here from the 70s and 80s era that have seen it all would probably have very high expectations as oppose to those that comes after those years. So, there is no right or wrong here, just that they came from different generations and we have to accept their expectations.

      Haven't been around here for too long, only since 2007 and I would honestly say, in my very own observation, the overall quality of posters and posts here have dropped over the years and many of them that used to come round here to post have somewhat dissapered from our radar. Reasons??? Those were great and very knowledgeable members which I had a few heated debates against them on  subject matters and were never personal in any way. In fact, in those debates I had with them, I learnt quite a fair bit from them.

      Long and short ....  "RESPECT"

      Excellent post mate...

      Miss posters like KopiteLuke  :(
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