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      The best football games

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      The best football games
      Oct 06, 2006 07:44:28 pm
      1) Pro Evolution Soccer - Always had the upper hand on Fifa mainly because of the style of play, a 3 year old could play Fifa but Pro you need to be an expert! Its quite a funny game aswell when you see the players square up to each other after a bad foul.

      2) This Is Football - What made this game so good apart from the crappy style of play was that you could do two footed tackles, you could dive and you could even handball... the game play was awful as you press through ball button and your in on goal just like that, the free kicks were awfull as you could curl them like 90degrees but the game was always fun to play on 2 player mode... a right laugh!!!

      3) Fifa Football - Well this game should be top of the list but they put way too much individual style in the game rather than the whole game play, the slickness & the realism. You can shoot from 30+ yards and the computer will make your shot go in top corner automatic. If you drive a manual car then buy Pro Evo, drive automatic then Fifa is for you im sorry to say!
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      The best football games
      Reply #1: Oct 06, 2006 08:06:07 pm
      Hi mate, i think these posts should be posted on the Arkles Forum, this ones just for Liverpool FC and all things Red !!   :D  :D  :D  :D

      Just letting you know before the mods move them  ;D

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