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      Alter Bridge - The greatest band of the 21st century(says me :D)

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      Alter Bridge - The greatest band of the 21st century(says me :D)
      Feb 09, 2009 08:26:59 pm
      Never have I seen a band that has such a great line up.

      For those who don't know they are made up of former members of the band Creed. Only now they have a much better singer tan Scott Stapp in Myles Kennedy.

      The drummer is amazing, Kennedy plays guitar sometimes and he is amazing on that. Tremonti is the best lead guitarist I have ever seen, he can play anything that he wants. And then Kennedy has a 9 octave vocal range I think, which is more than a piano has!

      Because of the Philips and Tremontis ability to play anything on drums and guitar. And Kennedy's singing range. There is such a variation on the songs. And I am yet to come across on that I do not like. Here are a few of there songs which can only be called beautiful :')

      And now they can go from that to this:

      Ties That Bind


      And then they sometime meet in the middle, for my personal favorite songs

      Rise Today

      Open Your Eyes

      And now my very favorite song:


      I just think that it is a band for everyone in at least one way. And I wanted to share :D I hope you guys like them
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