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      11th April - A march for Michael Shields

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      11th April - A march for Michael Shields
      Apr 08, 2009 12:43:12 am
      It's all gone quiet and Jack Straw is either asking fellow politicians what their favourite films are or thinking about a quiet Easter weekend away....

      Sorry Jack. You can't keep hiding from this. It's someone's life.

      Join in if you can make it.

      Free Michael Shields - March on Saturday 11th April‏
      Spirit of Shankly is appealing to as many members as possible - and the wider community as well - to join with the Free Michael Shields Campaign on a march in support of Michael prior to this weekend's game against Blackburn. The purpose of the march is to remind Jack Straw, who continues to drag his heels, and Merseyside Police who are now re-examining Michael's case that we are appalled by Michael's mis-trial, convinced of his innocence and demanding of his immediate release.
      We will gather at St.George's Hall plateau at 10.30, where there will be a short address from the campaign leader, Councillor Joe Anderson. Michael's father, Michael Senior will update us as to Michael's wellbeing before leading the rally on a march to Anfield. Television and newspaper reporters will be in attendance, and we call upon everyone for a show of strength and support as we strive for justice for Michael Shields.
      Councillor Joe Anderson said: " I would urge football fans of Liverpool and Everton to attend the rally and Join us on the March to Anfield as a way of showing support to Michael Shields and his family. Next month will be the fourth anniversary of Michael being jailed for a crime he did not commit. The people of this City who join us will help send a clear message to Jack Straw the Government and to the Bulgarians that we know Michael is innocent and we want him released now. Please support us as you always have."
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      Re: 11th April - A march for Michael Shields
      Reply #1: Apr 08, 2009 01:19:30 am
      Good point. Pull your f**king finger out Straw.

      I'm prepared to let you buy my vote at the next election on this.
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      Re: 11th April - A march for Michael Shields
      Reply #2: Apr 09, 2009 12:29:03 pm
      Liverpool FC fans plan match day march for jailed Michael Shields
      By Administrator on Apr 9, 09 11:56 AM in Journalists

      HUNDREDS of Liverpool fans are set to march from the city centre to Anfield to help win justice for Michael Shields.

      Campaigners will attend a rally outside St George's Hall on Saturday morning and then walk to the Liverpool supporter's club in Anfield before the Reds' game against Blackburn Rovers later that day.

      The vital Premier League clash against Blackburn at Anfield was chosen because Justice secretary Jack Straw is MP for Blackburn.

      Organisers hope they will grab the Justice secretary's attention and keep Michael's battle for justice in his mind.

      In January Mr Straw asked Merseyside Police to begin an inquiry into the case of 22-year-old Michael who was jailed in Bulgaria in 2005 for the attempted murder of waiter Martin Georgiev.

      The engineering student, from Edge hill, has always insisted he is innocent and his cause has won high-profile support and gained widespread credibility.

      Mr Straw is now considering whether to give the Reds fans a Royal pardon and is understood to be waiting for the results of the police inquiry which could be finalised next month.

      May is also the fourth anniversary of Michael's arrest for the attack in the Black Sea resort of Golden Sands after he had travelled to Istanbul to watch Liverpool win the European Cup.

      Another man, Graham Sankey, has since admitted carrying out the attack and later withdrawn his signed confession.

      City Labour leader Joe Anderson, who has led the campaign to free Michael, said: "We've been running a marathon and it looks like we're approaching the final few miles.

      "But that's why it is as vital as ever that people do what they can to keep the fight in the public eye. We need to keep the pressure on the Government to recognise an outright miscarriage of justice which they continue to uphold by keeping Michael in prison.

      "I will continue to call for Jack Straw to release Michael on bail, even wearing a tag if he has to, while the police investigation by Merseyside is ongoing.

      "That really is the least that Mr Straw should do."

      Merseyside police have been interviewing a number of key eye witnesses who saw the attack on Mr Georgiev and putting together their own picture of what happened on the night he was attacked outside a takeaway.

      Cllr Anderson added that he has also asked Mr Straw to consider the influence of the Bulgarian media on the trial. He said: "Lest we forget Michael was handcuffed to a radiator in a waiting room and countless people walked past him. Then his photograph was in the Bulgarian newspapers before the police even conducted an ID parade.

      The investigation and prosecution was deeply, deeply flawed from the outset."

      On Saturday, supporters carrying banners will walk from St George's plateau, onto Islington, then West Derby Road before finishing at Lower Breck Road.

      One Liverpool man, who has already signed a sworn witness statement which has been submitted to Jack Straw, befriended attack victim Mr Georgiev during his holiday

      He told police Michael was not present during the attack.
      I encourage local fans that can go to march for jailed Mr.Shields.
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      Re: 11th April - A march for Michael Shields
      Reply #3: Apr 09, 2009 11:50:24 pm
      I'll be there. FREE MICHAEL NOW.
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      Re: 11th April - A march for Michael Shields
      Reply #4: Apr 10, 2009 09:03:09 am
      Over for this game so Ill join in if im on time
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      Re: 11th April - A march for Michael Shields
      Reply #5: Apr 11, 2009 10:17:40 pm
      Not a bad turn out and a good walk even if it was uphill!


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      Re: 11th April - A march for Michael Shields
      Reply #6: Apr 12, 2009 04:37:35 pm
      Sorry lads,would love to have been there.

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