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      Next match: Cardiff v LFC [Premier League] Sun 21st Apr @ 4:00 pm
      Cardiff City Stadium

      Today is the 19th of April and on this date LFC's match record is P30 W18 D7 L5


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      Re: Golf
      Reply #475: Apr 15, 2019 09:03:24 am
      That the first time I've ever seen a post of yours without the f word c word t word.  :lmao: Well worthy of a + you f**king c**t  ;D

      You funny f**ker. That did indeed give me a giggle!   :D
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      Re: Golf
      Reply #476: Apr 15, 2019 01:52:42 pm
      Still got Koepka -7, Schaufflele -6, and Rahm -5 in with a chance. Thomas and Fowler on -3. Do these multiple £1 bets if I don't have a stand out pick. Bit of extra interest.Love to see Woods go on and win it all the same. Surprised that one of my picks Rose hasn't bloomed. Casey as well.Both missed cut.

      Had a good run for my money and it was great to see Tiger win it. My picks had their chances but in the end Tiger's experience and handling the pressure etc won out in the end.Tiger in contention is a forceful power. Will he now match Jack Nicklaus hall of 18 majors..Tiger now on 15. Very doubtful that he will do it.

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