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      The Official: Laugh At Everton Thread

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      Re: The Official: Laugh At Everton Thread
      Reply #4440: Sep 23, 2018 05:59:11 pm
      The Birds are even Angrier now just got twatted 2-0 by Arsenal the second goal was a mile offside which kind of makes it even funnier
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      Re: The Official: Laugh At Everton Thread
      Reply #4441: Yesterday at 12:57:10 pm
      If Everton weren't real, we'd have to invent them!! This from one of their deluded lot on WSAG forum is a pearler.

      Quote from: Some Divvy Bluenose
      We keep moaning about getting ####ed over by everyone. It’s only gonna keep happening. The players, manager and club are not doing anything about it.

      Now this is defo kopitey but how about the next televised home game no one goes? Empty stadium, club could get behind it and refund everyone. Still go to county road/wherever and drink but just stay in the pubs and watch it on the telly.

      It would impact massively on sky, through showing a match in an empty stadium, which is about the only way to get something in football to change.

      Will never happen but would be ace if we actually did it.

      Oh and our players wouldn’t notice any difference as there’s bugger all atmosphere most the time anyway.

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