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      Back in the day

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      Back in the day
      Mar 28, 2020 10:59:47 pm
      I got BT in last year, as our successful road to Madrid went on and on, finally putting an end to needing to go out to pubs to watch our games, where they were the main/host broadcaster.

      As they're restricted to one live league game per week, they fill out their football schedule with feature length documentaries and archive material. When you look at the games back then, you notice a major difference at games then from today. Some of them been;

      Lack of away fans at games. Regardless of the venue, there was little cheering of away team goals up to the 70's. In most cases, the only reaction was applause from the home fans. I wonder why that was. Was it a cultural thing? Was it because away fans didnt travel? Nowadays, usually boos ring around stadiums instead, following goals by away teams.

      Referees didn't show cards in many cases, up until the mid-80's. So if somebody was sent off, the referee would just point him in the general  direction of the dressing room, rather than show a card telling everyone what was going on. It confused broadcasters almost as much as the crowd. Any idea why that was so.

      Nowadays, sponsors are on all club shirts, sometimes two or three on the same shirt. But in the early 80's, sponsorship was not permitted on team shirts if their teams games were shown on tv. Was it a FA, broadcaster, or government decision?

      YNWA was sung during games by fans of numerous clubs up to the early 80's. Nowadays, it's just us, and sometimes it doesn't go down well at away games. So did they all just stop, or just see it as a LFC song?

      Any ideas?

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