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      Today is the 22nd of September and on this date LFC's match record is P23 W14 D2 L7

      Tactics v chelsea

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      Tactics v chelsea
      Apr 21, 2006 08:50:01 pm
      I think the best tactics to win is:

      1) Make sure chelsea players have very little time on the ball and make them make a mistakes

      2) Don't let their wingers turn inside or get crosses in. Don't give them any room to move. Alot of chelsea's goals this season has been from Joe Cole and robben turning inside and having shots or setting up others. So this is important that they arent able to do this

      3) It is important that momo is on top form against lampard and to stop lampard from moving the ball across the pitch creating chances and to stop him having shots at goal.

      4) Get our wingers to create space for crouch up front and try and get in between the full backs and centre backs. Also to get good balls into crouch. If the wingers can draw the centre and full back towards him it gives Gerrard space to move into. So if the ball is played to him he has time and space to score.

      5) Crouch will be our main way of holding the ball up for our attacking midfield. He should also try draw terry/calvaho out of position for gerrard to get into. He should be able to hold up the ball for the wingers and gerrard as he has a great first touch and strength so he is able to have an advantage over the centre back.

      6) Carra or Sami have to man mark drogba as chelsea usually only have 1 up front with their wingers helping the striker. If either sami or carra is able to keep drogba out of the game the other centre will be able to pick up loose balls and create forward attacks. I would say carra is the best for this as sami was rip to shreads when chelsea played at anfield in the league.

      7) Gerrard will have a free role and will be running round the pitch doing everything

      8) Finnan and Riise will have to back up the wingers as the wingers will turn inside to have a stronger strike force up front. Also chelsea have 2 good full backs so the wingers will need help.

      9) Alonso will be our main creator of attacking movements as he can play any pass possible he can split defenses open with his passes. Also if crouch can move defenders out of position he can play balls into Gerrard out wingers. Alonso will also have defensive work, he will have to stop chelsea getting good passes around. He needs to break up their play

      The team and formation is





      Any one else got any good tactics for the game
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      Tactics v chelsea
      Reply #1: Apr 21, 2006 09:22:52 pm
      5 man midfield eh??

      Gerrard never has a stupendously brilliant game in the centre of midfield against Chelsea - I think the following formation will work much better.


      Finnan -------Carra--------Sami-------Riise

      ----------- Sissoko -------Alonso ---------------
      Gerrard--------------------- ------- -----Kewell


      Just a shame Fowler isn't available........  :(
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      Tactics v chelsea
      Reply #2: Apr 24, 2006 07:24:49 pm
      What a tactial genius I was eh....

      Maybe I am Rafa in disguise  ;D   ;D   ;D

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