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      The Official: Laugh At Man City Thread

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      Re: The Official: Laugh At Man City Thread
      Reply #2750: Yesterday at 05:57:45 pm
      Seems Raheem isn’t the only little child at the emptyhad, the stuff they’re coming out with on their forum is proper infantile and cringeworthy 🤓 funny though !
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      Re: The Official: Laugh At Man City Thread
      Reply #2751: Yesterday at 07:06:47 pm
      Wow City and Pep have gone full Jose Mourinho. We’ve broken him this time :laugh:.

      Beat them at their own game so they will try every excuse under the sun. Maybe they should think back to how a certain Kompany should have been sent off for a last man foul on Salah last season.

      What has become most stark in recent days is the difference in maturity/mentality between the two teams. Where Liverpool are mature, Man City have all of a sudden displayed an incredible level immaturity now they've been found out.

      The match on Sunday exemplified it perfectly with toy throwing and quite simply bizarre immature behaviour from some of their players (Sterling literally on the floor banging his fists... guy clearly hasn't got passed the terrible twos) and of course the manager who as we've said before gave an extraordinary touchline display that would make Basil Fawlty blush.

      Wretched club on and off the field. Rivalries aside they are the most amoral and compassion bereft sporting outfit in the world, now approaching a level of corruption and intimidation that has defined the lifestyles of the very people who own them.
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      Re: The Official: Laugh At Man City Thread
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