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      You and Liverpool...Why?

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      Re: You and Liverpool...Why?
      Reply #253: May 30, 2022 05:53:07 pm
      its easy for me my Grandad supported them from the early 1910's My Dad from the early 1930's. We lived in the shadow of Goodison Park but real scousers supported Liverpool the Everton supporters thought they we a class above and my Dad told me tales of their taunts about talk to us when you win the FA Cup.
      Well in Dec 1959 the month and year of my birth some little Jock turned up called Bill Shankly and as they say the rest is history.
      I am not a massive Football fan I barely watch games unless we are playing but when we score I no longer jump up in the ground but off my sofa and its something that never changes.
      Bob was just a perfect follow on from Bill as was Joe dont believe for a moment that these men were simple men because they had been brought up in  mines and during a War and were in the Forces these are hard men. Kenny too was hard but thankfully not hard enough to survive 1989 that man gave us his very soul and you cant ask more than that. Fast forward to 2005 the greatest night ever OMG how can it be 17 years ago it feels like yesterday when a young scouser called Gerrard dragged his entire team to Victory in Istanbul.
      Now this German bloke turns up and dares to be a better Scouser than Scousers are.
      Competing with Blood soaked money rich City and bettering them just is Jürgen because he is a very very honest decent man and we see that and love it about him. He calls the shots what ever he want from us all he has to do is ask.
      Yesterday did not surprise me and I am glad it did actually surprise the team its part of their education because once we take you in as family its for life just ask players who played 40 years ago they still call this home.
      When I looked into the eyes of people yesterday I knew exactly what they were saying and it  was "Thankyou" you did your best and that is good enough for us.
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      Re: You and Liverpool...Why?
      Reply #254: May 30, 2022 07:15:20 pm
      For me it was a case of being involved at a young age at a different club.
      After the first team played against anyone, most teams would come to the bar afterwards (a few didn’t, arsenal and Luton never did) where a lot of us youngsters would be mulling about. Gary Gillespie and John Barnes on one particular game stayed for a while longer and chatted to us all. And I remember I was hypnotised by Barnes.
      After that I watched them when I could. It was just when they were declining as a club really. The last year or so of Kennys reign.

      Anyway, injuries to me meant I couldn’t play but I got into coaching and ended up working with a few ex Liverpool players. Some I still see occasionally.

      During my coaching days I met a few more ex Liverpool players (amongst others) but even though they had left liverpool they were all still pretty obsessed about them (apart from one who was p*ssed with them for a while but got over it eventually!).

      I’d go to anfield when I could. But after I left coaching (and my stint at refereeing - with Stuart attwell no less...) I had a family and haven’t been for a while.

      I did get to play in a 6 a side friendly once. I wasn’t going to play but I found out mark Walters was playing for the opposition so wanted to give it a go...

      Anyway, it was the worst performance of my life... got skinned by Walters and Prytz more times than I can remember. And even David Howells (who had serious knee problems - if I recall - and could barely move) seem to drift pass me every time he wanted to...

      But that’s how I fell in love with the club. Gary Gillespie and John Barnes. They probably won’t remember that chat they gave us, but I do and it probably got me involved in football for longer than I had planned.
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      Re: You and Liverpool...Why?
      Reply #255: May 30, 2022 09:23:27 pm
      I honestly don't remember when and how it started, first game I remember was the 1978 European cup final

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