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      Liverpool FC related collections

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      Liverpool FC related collections
      Mar 01, 2007 12:50:01 am
      I have been collecting various LFC shirts during the past 3 years. I have about 30 from different seasons, both home and away.

      My favourite is the green, white and black Adidas away shirt from 1992 - It has "RUSH" and "9" on the rear, I paid £20 for it on Ebay and it came from Russia (Rushia!). I also have a "Farewell to the Spion Kop 1906-1994" T-shirt again original from Ebay!

      I missed out on a classic shirt by £5 just after the heroics of Istanbul in 2005. It was an authentic Champions League Final shirt (with  the venue, date, badges etc) signed by 30 members of the Liverpool Staff and Squad. I started bidding at £120 but then got sucked into the Ebay "Gotta win it" trip!
      With 6 seconds of bidding left I thought I'd won it but at the death a final bid of £230 came in and won beating my bid by 5 poxy quid!! I emailed the winner to congratulate them saying if they were a true Red this was like a European Cup all of their own. It turned out that the winner was in the Attuturk Stadium that very night and had the ticket, programme and now a very special shirt to frame for all time! And of course the memories!

      Always looking for new shirts and have started another collection called Legends, ie RUSH, FOWLER, any LFC plus others ie Ziddane, Shearer, Zola, DiCannio etc

      YNWA  ;)
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