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      The Film Discussion Thread.

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      Re: The Film Discussion Thread.
      Reply #5640: Feb 16, 2019 01:32:15 pm
      Yea, was supposed to comic-booky, just wasn't mad about it

      Wasn't mad about it, but it was entertaining enough that I didn't want to turn it off.
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      Re: The Film Discussion Thread.
      Reply #5641: Mar 02, 2019 10:48:51 pm
      Just watched Hereditary.

      Really really good and for me lived up to the hype.

      Also such a well made film with a score that gets under your skin.
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      Re: The Film Discussion Thread.
      Reply #5642: Mar 19, 2019 05:15:34 pm
      not a film per say but I watched a documentary about the flat earth society called ''Behind the Curve'' on netflix. The amount of delusion and arrogance to come up a flat earth claim is unbelievable. especially that two flat earthers debunked themselves  :lmao:
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      Re: The Film Discussion Thread.
      Reply #5643: Today at 02:21:23 am
      Huge recommend for the documentary “Free Solo”
      Tells the story of the rope free climb of El Capitan in Yosemite by the incredible, Alex Hunnold
      I was fortunate to have worked with Alex and also the director, Jimmy Chin on different projects over the last few years.

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