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      New Kit

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      • Give me any colour... as long as it's RED!
      New kit is slimming!
      Reply #50: Jul 15, 2006 06:20:39 pm
      For those concerned at how their beer-gut is gonna look in the new kit, fear not. Those kind designers at Adidas (so much better than the prats at Reebok!) have added a 'look slimmer' strip down the sides which gives the illusion of not being fat couch potatoes like we are... well, present company excepted of course <g>

      Still, I have my European Champions League special edition shirt and that is mine till I die... and then I am being buried in it :o)

      If I change my mind and decide to be cremated I'll go in the box clutching my LFC shirt but jammed in tight with hundreds of Manc shirts. My parting good-will gesture to the world! <ggg>

      Just as long as the lads do the biz in the new shirt, I won't care too much if I look fat in it :o)

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      New Kit
      Reply #51: Jul 15, 2006 06:31:20 pm
      I'm gonna sound like a right miserable f**ker now but I personally think reebok f**ked up our european kit, it looked sh*te, the badge was a disgrace, would it of been too much to get an embroidered badge with five gold stars.

      I got a t-shirt from the club-shop not long after Istanbul with the a small liverbird on (like the 70s badge) with the gold stars on that i feel looks better than that european strip (probably why i didn't buy it)

      With our new kits, the red and yellow are defo smart, but not so keen on white and green (96, wembley, that cup-final) i'd much preferred something like the last way kit (which wasn't too bad).
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      New Kit
      Reply #52: Jul 16, 2006 05:22:26 pm
      does anybody know how much the new tops will be. well in bellamy many more to come
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      New Kit
      Reply #53: Jul 16, 2006 05:53:26 pm
      Quote from: "mole"
      does anybody know how much the new tops will be. well in bellamy many more to come

      Prob around the £40.00 mark liike they usually are

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