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      Don't Buy The Sun - The Guide

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      Re: Don't Buy The Sun - The Guide
      Reply #690 : Aug 27, 2016 02:54:57 am »
      Piss poor excuse indeed, i haven't watched the clip but apparently that snivelling tw*t Wright asked him what he wanted to read from and he chose the rag. I don't care what he says, if you go on one of those shows you leave it up to someone else to read that sh*t. You make it crystal clear that you won't be reading from that rag or you don't go on, he doesn't need the f**king money.

      Actually you'll probably find he does need the money with all the alimony and child payments he probably has had to make!

      “What I will try and do tomorrow is ask them not to give me any stories from the S*n. I didn’t think reviewing a paper would be seen as a story. It’s crazy. I don’t like the Express or the Mail very much either but I still review them."

      You can see why he didn't think it would be a story when he was doing the exact same thing on his own programme on LFCtv a few years back yet it was completely ignored.

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      Re: Don't Buy The Sun - The Guide
      Reply #691 : Aug 27, 2016 08:47:46 am »
      Oh Digger! Wtf man?
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      Re: Don't Buy The Sun - The Guide
      Reply #692 : Aug 28, 2016 09:03:36 am »
      the worst thing about Barnes doing this is the Scum will be pissing themselves laughing at what they have done getting a legend to read from their paper. He is out of order but so is the programme for putting him in that position its just a stupid stupid thing to do.
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      Re: Don't Buy The Sun - The Guide
      Reply #693 : Sep 05, 2016 05:50:05 pm »
      Merseytravel are to ask their vendors to stop selling the sh*t rag.
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      Re: Don't Buy The Sun - The Guide
      Reply #694 : Sep 09, 2016 12:58:11 pm »
      On the train to town, some bloke is 'reading' the rag, slightly older than me, so he really should know better.

      As I said slightly older than me but dressed like a 4yr old, so that probably explains it.

      I just can't understand some people.
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      Re: Don't Buy The Sun - The Guide
      Reply #695 : Sep 16, 2016 05:44:53 pm »
      in 1989 the Berlin Wall came down so an entire Country was formed rebuilt and a hugely successful economy formed . in the same time we have managed to deny justice to 96 innocent people and ignorant people still buy read and believe everything that is in it.
      Boston not la
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      Re: Don't Buy The Sun - The Guide
      Reply #696 : Jan 04, 2017 03:37:41 pm »
      Move if wrong thread but i posted a vid from these guys a few weeks back. From their facebook.

      December 31, 2016 at 10:54am ·
      The Sun championed us as a top tip for 2017. WHAT FUCKING MORONS. Read into the lyrics and you'll find how much we despise your odious, backward nationalism, Tory sucking cuntshipness. THIS IS YOUR MEDIA. They pay no attention to what is real, they exploit every single one of you and affect the way you think, everyone has a member of family or a friend affected by this awful repeated propaganda, It's a crime. Don't buy the sun, Don't even walk past it without burning it or spitting on it. They try to tell you what to think and harass true visionaries, artists and anyone who stands up to this f**king web of hate and profit. Murdoch will lead us into world wide demise. And for what.... Money and Power!,playing in Liverpool soon.
      Frankly, Mr Shankly
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      Re: Don't Buy The Sun - The Guide
      Reply #697 : Feb 21, 2017 05:26:18 pm »
      Thought this should go in here. Shame on those like Gary Lineker (Lineker of all people) who thinks this was just a 'bit of fun'.

      The 'Magic of the Cup' is paying a man to eat pie on television for money

      Well done on staging everything. Taking something genuine and real and slapping a Sun f**king logo on it. Pointing to the big man who's out of shape, and saying 'It's your lucky day fatso! We're gonna make you a star!', before turning him into a roly-poly court jester you literally command to eat on television for 'lolz'.

      'Chomp on this you big lardy bugger. Stuff this stodgy pie in your fat greedy face and chew on it hard. Eat it, gorge it. Nose-breathe heavily whilst it clogs up your arteries and we throw coins at your swollen belly and laugh.'

      8-1. Fair odds to chew up and spit out a non-league player who can't believe his luck. Get him to eat it on the bench, in full view of the prime-time audience, so that the cameras can catch every last crumb of the 'magic of the cup' disappear into his cakehole in perfect high defintion.

      Turn him into a viral sensation - 'legend' to 'sell-out' in ten minutes flat - and then cast him aside like a stale pastry carcass on the 3G pitch.

      Wayne Shaw faces backlash. Wayne Shaw criticised by chairman. Wayne Shaw investigated by the Gambling Commission and FA. You know what? F**k him. Because you've got your publicity and he's got his pocket change and next week no one will give a sh*t about Wayne f**king Shaw.

      Forget that he's left with the fallout. Forget that his teammates worked really f**king hard for the biggest game of their lives. Abuse the occasion to promote your mucky brand of fan-shaming, lie-packed, phone-hacking filth, and make it all so grubby and hideous that people at home actually want the minnows to lose.

      Choreograph the f**k out of everything. Stamp it with your ugly seal. Make the town of Sutton a f**king circus for the day and manufacture such mouth-breathing idiocy that even the writers of Mrs Brown's Boys would take one look at the script and say: 'Nah lads, that's a bit too crass and lame for us...'

      Infect football with a level of 'banter' so pitiful and ultimately cruel that it would make that Dapper Laughs pr**k think twice. Because after all, it fits with your lowly assumptions and utter contempt for football fans everywhere. They'll lap up this sh*te because they are sh*te, the scummy proles.

      Of course any genuine expression of fan joy is dangerous and must be stopped. A two-minute pitch invasion to celebrate a goal is simply not on. Flares around football grounds? Oh deary me, that just won't do. Unless of course the dramatic images can be used ten years hence to fetishise and commoditise the 'casual state of mind' from a safe distance.

      In the meantime, we should all just sit the f**k down and sup on overpriced sugary pop. Except we're all too dangerous having any sort of fun, so we'll have to remove the f**king top. Go ahead and sanitise everything we love and replace it with lowest common denominator bollocks because that's all we truly deserve. That and a rag of hateful lies.

      Magic of the Cup? Aye, that.
      FL Red
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      Re: Don't Buy The Sun - The Guide
      Reply #698 : Mar 16, 2017 03:05:49 pm »

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