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      SOS - George Gillett - We don't believe you!

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      Re: SOS - George Gillett - We don't believe you!
      Reply #25: Oct 20, 2009 03:41:47 pm
      DO us all a favour and f**k off back to ur nest eggs in the u.s. your'e not welcome now or anytime, we do not like liars this is an institution not a franchise,go and buy some u.s team u money grabbin pr***s, i hope life deals u sum terrible cards yanks i really do. liverpool fc will exist long after u have both gone so dont b fooled into anymore lies after all that is what u are, hopefully th next time we hear of a spade in th ground it'll b at ur funerals
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      Re: SOS - George Gillett - We don't believe you!
      Reply #26: Oct 21, 2009 03:09:07 pm
      Shouldn't think our esteemed owners are pleased with last nights debacle with Lyon but I hasten to add, their disappointment will not be because of any emotional association with our club but the fiscal implications of LFC not being involved in the European Cup should that scenario materialise, whereas previously they sat back did f**k all but milk the club they now have the prospect of the club not progressing and not being able to plunder the funds or use it for security on other deals.
      Lets take it a step further if this situation continued and the club got into real difficulty (I'm having trouble typing this but bear with me) and bankruptcy was a real possibility the brothers grim would desert the ship before it went down nevertheless the club would probably go into receivership and eventually we would end up under new ownership. You know what they say there's no gain without pain.
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