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      Thiago Alcantara Player Thread

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      Re: Thiago Alcantara Player Thread
      Reply #75: Sep 29, 2020 08:08:39 pm
      When i first heard he was going to be one i thought to myself "F**k, here we go with injuries". Glad it's that and not an injury that could keep him out longer or take longer to heal and fully come back from.
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      Re: Thiago Alcantara Player Thread
      Reply #76: Yesterday at 12:03:16 am
      No I get that, and he’s an athlete, I don’t expect them to be at home eating Chinese and playing their PlayStation all day, just, the calendar right now, is not the worst time to get it, and he can do easy training (for an athlete) to get him back into it after a long season.

      Good post and let's hope so.

      This year 2020. Something else, isn't it?

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