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      Pundits and Commentators

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      Re: Pundits and Commentators
      Reply #2000: Mar 19, 2020 01:51:26 pm
      as folks have noted sky now say we can suspend our subs. cool.

      But what about those of us who watch sky through virgin media? No word yet for us I dont think.
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      Re: Pundits and Commentators
      Reply #2001: Mar 20, 2020 01:50:45 pm
      You can pause your sky sports subscription online as of tomorrow. You can do it today but the wait time on the phone is a minimum of one hour.

      The section of sky's website where you can pause your subscription requires you to log in, unfortunately the log in is 'broken'.

      If you want to pause it phone 0800 151 2747 it's automated and takes a couple of minutes.

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