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      New York Yankee Retiring!

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      New York Yankee Retiring!
      Feb 04, 2011 02:55:02 am
      News coming in that Andy Pettite one of the best Yankee pitchers of all time is retiring this week.

      [url]]] [url]

      Great Yankee. Fantastic Playoff record.

      Good luck Andy and thanks for the memories and rings.
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      Re: New York Yankee Retiring!
      Reply #1: Feb 04, 2011 03:00:07 am
      Saw that earlier, sad but i knew it was coming. My favorite player without a doubt, and im glad that the one game i have been to so far in my life was one in which he started. Had a sh*t game though :D But still, such a brilliant pitcher at his best, and one of the real stalwarts of the great Yankee sides of the last decade and a bit. Will be missed, very much.
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      Re: New York Yankee Retiring!
      Reply #2: Mar 31, 2011 04:03:54 pm
      Wouldn't be surprised to see him back in July or August.

      I remember Andy starting on Opening Day in 1996 and it snowed the entire game. Kinda funny watching baseball in the snow.

      The Yankees gave every fan that had a ticket for that game a free ticket to another game. I ended up seeing Doc Gooden's no-hitter with a free ticket a couple months later. Not a bad deal.

      Andy was always one of my favorites , great career.

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