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      SOS: Coaches To Sunderland 20th March

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      SOS: Coaches To Sunderland 20th March
      Mar 21, 2011 11:52:35 am
      The Spirit of Shankly have received reports (and our own coach was subject to the same issue) that police forces between Merseyside and Northumbria adopted an unannounced (and possibly illegal) change of policy about coaches going to and from yesterday's match.

      This involved coaches being barred from entering certain towns and villages before the game (and after in some cases) and also barring the use of service stations on the way back home.

      There are reports that police were asked for the reasons and more importantly the legal basis that they felt they were able to carry this out with the responses being at best unconvincing.

      This is a worrying change relating to travel to away matches (it has been suggested that other clubs are having similar problems) and the Union is keen to hear from members about yesterday's experiences as the FSF have already been in touch suggesting the new policy has civil liberty implications.

      Members are asked to email with details of the coach they were on, their experiences, most importantly where they were barred from entering and also the number of people on their coach.

      Consideration can then be given as to what advice and action can be taken.

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