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      Next match: UnionSG v LFC [Europa League] Thu 14th Dec @ 5:45 pm

      Today is the 10th of December and on this date LFC's match record is P21 W6 D7 L8

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      Losing belief.....

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      • Forum Barry Venison
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      Losing belief.....
      Jun 10, 2006 07:49:04 pm
      Okay we won..... but we have gone into this competetion second favourites! We played average the first half then the second half was ambismal! i am all for england taking victory but performces like that just take away the faith i have in them  :cry:

      On thursday we have a easy game: trinandad and tobago! so we have to play with full confidence and perform to a high level and produce more than one goal and keep a clean sheet! otherwise it isnt looking good  :?
      • Forum Ian St John
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      Losing belief.....
      Reply #1: Jun 10, 2006 08:29:46 pm
      Have to agree we were poor second half,using the heat as an excuse is not going to wash.
      The T&T game is a really good chance to get going in the tournament and hopefully the boys will start to create a few more chances and fill us with the confidence we should have considering the players Sven has at his disposal.

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