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      Unofficial 5-a-side tournament in aid of the HJC

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      Unofficial 5-a-side tournament in aid of the HJC
      Jul 15, 2011 04:40:14 pm
      Unofficial 5-a-side tournament in aid of the HJC

      Unofficial 5-a-side tournament in aid of the HJC

      Some of you may have noticed, me and the fantastic JimMM are currently locked in a battle to become the champion of the mighty GF for 2011. The challenge is to raise as much money as possible for the Hillsborough Justice Campaign.

      GF Championship Final

      I planned to arrange a small 5-a-side tournament with the lads from work to raise a few quid for the cause, charging £10 per man. However, after visiting the HJC shop on friday morning and meeting Gerry, a sound fella, to ask for some more fund raising suggestions, I've decided to expand the tournament and try to make it a bit of an event.

      When I mentioned the footie aspect, Gerry showed interest in coming down to sell badges, scarves, etc. If that's to happen, I'm going to need a few more teams and to drum up a bit of a crowd to help him shift some merchandise.

      I reckon I've got 6-8 teams from work nailed on to take part. Two of my mates have promised to bring teams, and I'm meeting my uncle tomorrow, who works at Jaguar in Halewood, to outline my plans and get him to get some lads together.

      Do any forumites want to take part? It'll be held in Speke on sunday 31st of this month, £10 per man. If you want to bring a team of your mates down, or even join forces as one mighty TLW team, you're more than welcome. It's all for a fantastic cause.

      I'd just like to add, if anyone with a business would like to sponsor the tournament to help with payment for the pitch rental (I'm meeting the manager of the site on monday to try and get the price down), some bibs and maybe a small shield for the winners. Also any volunteers to be a referee on the day.

      Contact John on to register a team.

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