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      Aug 17, 2011 08:11:27 am
      Anyone play this?

      It's indoor football with slightly different rules. 5 a side, kick ins and alot about movements, touches and skills. A slightly smaller ball that has less bounce on it.

      I play it pretty often here (Malaysia). Sometimes almost weekly and if like on holidays, sometimes twice a week.

      Also used to represent the Royal Selangor Club (RSC) in this sport back when I was 13/14. Even scored a goal in a tournament! hahaha!

      Personally prefer football but don't mind futsal.
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      Re: Futsal
      Reply #1: Aug 18, 2011 04:13:30 pm
      Not played it, not sure there is a team or league around me. Do really want to play footy though.
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      Re: Futsal
      Reply #2: Sep 05, 2011 04:06:29 pm
      I play much more futsal than 11 a side football. It's very popular in Brazil, easier to find a place (and players) to play. A lot of future stars started their careers in futsal... Ronaldo is a good example.

      It's seen as one of the main reasons why they developed their amazing dribbling skills, cause playing in such short space you have to be great at it, and have non stop movement as well.

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