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      Next match: LFC v UnionSG [Europa League] Thu 5th Oct @ 8:00 pm

      Today is the 4th of October and on this date LFC's match record is P27 W14 D5 L8

      Want to sell a ticket on this board? Read this

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      Want to sell a ticket on this board? Read this
      Sep 11, 2007 07:47:46 pm
      Looking for a LFC ticket and hotel from an official supplier?

      Link: Order hospitality and match breaks

      Selling / Exchanging your match ticket

      This board is to provide information on Fancards/Memberships, the application procedures for Liverpool tickets and travel arrangements to games - and also contains specific match threads detailing information such as days of sale, and who has priority for each upcoming game.

      Premier League home tickets are released in two batches.  In the summer covering games until January, and in late Autumn covering games until the end of the season.

      Ticket information for away games and cup fixtures is only released at the earliest around 4 to 5 weeks before a game.

      If you try to sell your ticket above the face value of your ticket then you are a Ticket Tout.  If you post a link to an eBay auction for instance then you are touting your ticket and will be banned from the forum, your message will be deleted.

      Users are also asked not to post messages suggesting they would pay more than the face value of a ticket as this also encourages touting.

      If you can't attend a future LFC game you have a ticket (or activated members card) for then you can return them to the club up till around 3 weeks before a game for a refund.

      We understand that forum members may at time be unable to use their ticket and want to pass on their ticket for Face Value or less. We would urge caution amongst buyers and to analyse the posting history of a user on our website to give some indication as to the level of trust you can place in that user.  Please do not post your email address or telephone number directly in a post as this will be removed - instead use the forum personal message facility to be contacted.

      Subscribers to the forum are allowed to post freely in the Ticket board.  New users are not allowed to post until they have sufficient posts across the rest of the forum.  All other existing users will require their posts to be approved by forum staff prior to appearing for public view.

      The forum staff accept no responsibility whatsoever with what you choose to do with your money, and the forum itself will play no part in any financial transaction or transfer of tickets.
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