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      Feb 07, 2012 10:02:20 pm

      Not sure if anyones downloaded the demo yet, either on xbox, or psn (not sure if its on that, being an xbox user).

      But remembering the old pc/amiga games I was half hoping for a revamped version of that,for those who dont know or arnt as old as me :P it was a top down "Stratergy action??" kind of like cannon fodder but cooler, and if you dont know that.........Commandos, and if not that I cant help you ;),
      But its now a fps and its pretty damn good, only playing the demo mind, but its going on list. looks as though it might match the cod/ bf3 monopoly , always good having 4 player co-op modes.

      If anyones got the demo or planing og getting the game add me :)

      Xbox-    B100DXxX

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