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      little help to a Liverpool fan in Iceland

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      little help to a Liverpool fan in Iceland
      Feb 09, 2012 05:21:23 am
      Dear fellow Liverpool fans, i want to ask you for a little help if that's possible :)

      Thing is that my little disabled uncle is competing in a web vote here in Iceland, and the person who gets most of the votes win a flight with Icelandair to one of their destination. One of their destination is Manc****er airport. Thing is that i would love to let him win so we could go together to Anfield Road to see our favorite team. Game is about send a picture and telling a story from your favorite city of Icelandair destination. He had to choice Manc****er because they fly there but then we would defiantly take train straight to Liverpool :) It's in Icelandic, but i will try my best to translate it all here. - Here you can vote

      Story from: Ɓstvaldur Ragnar Bjarnason

      Favorite City: Manc****er

      My memory:
      My favorite city is defiantly Manc****er/Liverpool. That picture is taken in January 2008, I was going to drive my uncle SigurpĆ”ll (that's me) to the airport, he was going to a game with our favorite team, Liverpool. When we arrived at airport I was told that I was going with him and my mom, dad, JĆ³i brother and MargrĆ©t sister :) This trip was amazing, we walked around Manc****er and Liverpool for a whole weekend, got to shop a lot, but the top of the trip was to see Liverpool vs. Aston Villa on a monday night. The game didn't go well enough because it ended 2-2. Therefor i want to go back to Anfield to see my team win at my favorite place in the whole world, Anfield Road :) On the picture i'm with my father and brother but they went to the game with me and SigurpĆ”ll, both of them support Manc****er U****d but i told them that they had to wear Liverpool scarf otherwise they couldn't go to the game with me :) Then we got extra night in England because of bad weather back home in Iceland!

      Just so you know that it's very common in Iceland that families are mixed with Liverpool and Manc****er U fans. Ɓstvaldur is the only Liverpool supporter in his family :) His mother support Bolton and the rest team that i've mentioned more than enough!

      So it would be great if you would be able to help us let our dream come true and help him to win that flight ticket so he can visit Anfield!

      On the page that i put here with and url, you have to press button called KJƓSA, then you will be asked about connecting to Facebook, if you don't have Facebook then you can put your email address in the white box and press send, then you have to confirm by pressing a link in you mail. - here is the link

      Thank you very much for your help
      You'll never walk alone

      (Admin, if you don't like it in here pls. delete)

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