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      Beyond Hillsborough

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      Beyond Hillsborough
      Aug 04, 2012 02:23:36 pm
      'Beyond Hillsborough'

      The Edinburgh Fringe Festival is to stage a very special and emotive production aimed at spreading awareness of the Hillsborough disaster.

      'Beyond Hillsborough' is a new play that will be performed by Wirral students next week at the world's largest arts festival.

      It dramatises original interviews with survivors, bereaved family members, politicians, police and journalists to ask 'Is there hope after Hillsborough?'

      Directed by West Kirby drama teachers Jo Halliday and Layla Dowie, 'Beyond Hillsborough' is set in the present day and is performed by sixth-form drama students from three Wirral schools. Through many interviews with those directly involved in the tragedy, the play explores the consequences of living with the disaster.

      Ms Halliday said: "The Hillsborough disaster has had a far-reaching effect on our local community; for some there is still an enormous feeling of pain and injustice more than 20 years on. We therefore felt compelled to create a piece of theatre to inform younger generations of what happened and provide a voice for those still dealing with the consequences of Hillsborough.

      "I've always been interested in the subject and angry at the conduct of the media, police and the government in relation to the disaster. A good friend from university lost his cousin that day and I have strong memories of my shock when he told me how his aunt and uncle had been treated."

      Speaking of her intentions for the play, Ms Halliday said: "Most of the students knew nothing of Hillsborough at the start of the project. I got them doing research as we made contact with the various interviewees. One of the first things we did was to get the support of families and survivors - we've tried to be sensitive throughout and listen carefully to any concerns.

      "Our main aim is to give the family members, survivors and supporters a voice to express their feelings and in turn reach a new audience of young people. The feedback we've had from those involved and our audiences has been very encouraging and positive."

      'Beyond Hillsborough' is an example of verbatim theatre in which plays are constructed from the precise words spoken by people interviewed about a particular topic. It's a form of drama that Ms Halliday believes is especially potent.

      She added: "I strongly believe in the power and potential of theatre to bring issues to an audience - verbatim theatre is excellent for this."

      In order to meet the £15,000 costs of putting on the production at the fringe, the students themselves launched a series of fundraising initiatives.

      One of these was a 'Celebrity Gift and Promise' scheme, which saw Wirral-born James Bond actor Daniel Craig donate a signed leather flying jacket from his role as Bond in 'Quantum of Solace'.

      'Weakest Link' host Anne Robinson, The Zutons and pop diva Jessie J were among other celebrities to help the young actors' dreams come true, with the bright lights of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival now the next stop.

      'Beyond Hillsborough' is showing at the Edinburgh Quaker Meeting House, Venue 40, and runs from August 6-11, between 11.40am and 12.40pm each day.
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      Re: Beyond Hillsborough
      Reply #1: Aug 05, 2012 10:01:15 am
      Sterling work by the Wirral students in getting this Hillsborough project up and running, the 96 should never be forgotten even though the establishment would like nothing better.
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      Re: Beyond Hillsborough
      Reply #2: Aug 12, 2012 08:54:42 am
      Its a wonderful time to be in Edinburgh during the festival ,staying here we all take it a bit for granted ,we generally take in a few shows theres  street theatre jugglers ,singers ,more acts than you can shake a stick at , over 3000 I was told yesterday ,yet the only thing we wanted to go to was
       "Beyond Hillsborough".
      Walking into the theatre brought it all back to me I only saw it on TV yet there I was transported back 23 years listening to Motsons commentary on that fateful day ,the screen images of the hoardings being used for stretchers ,the theatre was silent I noticed out of the 60 /70 odd people that were there that more than a few were not from the UK ,many had a Liverpool t shirt or a Liverpool emblem of some description ,it was like a family gathering to remember .
      The cast of 6th formers can be proud of  there performance  yesterday ,a bit of scouse humour yet the undercurrent of helplessness ,loss ,injustice ,anger all came through with there acting.
       I remembered more when prompted with the information from these students  I`d forgotten so many  facts names places etc  , it must be different staying in Liverpool theres a reminder around every corner ,while up here its what I read from the notice boards on this site ,or a Fringe production like yesterday after that it seems Im away from it while you live with it everyday .
      Im glad I went yesterday to show Ive not forgotten ,I really feel for the families and what they are continually going through it will be the last thing they  think of before going to sleep at night and the first thing they  think off when waking up in the morning ,a hellish journey day in day out ,23 years and still no answers ,it  must take its toll the play yesterday verified that ,marriages breaking down ,people passing away ,people needing medical help long after the event ,a delayed reaction ,then your told the guy knew he needed help but thought better of it ,10 years before he sought medical help,sighting other people were more deserving than him 
      When Hillsborough is mentioned , I see images in my head of Kenny and many other players at various funerals,I saw the pictures of the Hicks girls yesterday ,I remembered  the TV programme about Hillsborough and the affect it had on me   I remember Rafa on the anniversaries at Anfield I remember the chants of JUSTICE for endless minutes at games ,I remember the hoarding as stretchers ,

      I remember a single ambulance

      I will always remember the 96.

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      Re: Beyond Hillsborough
      Reply #3: Aug 13, 2012 08:03:39 pm
      Fantastic work, keep up the good work. Pleased to see that it is getting through to the younger generation successfully, must never be forgotton.

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