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      Next match: Salzburg v LFC [Champions League] Tue 10th Dec @ 8:00 pm
      Red Bull Arena

      Today is the 8th of December and on this date LFC's match record is P20 W10 D2 L8


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      Aug 20, 2012 03:48:08 pm
      My fellow Redmen.

      I have hundreds of Vinyl lying around in my house and parents, ranging from Dance/Rave/Pop.  Being trying to get buyers for it for ages but having no success.  There are alot of white label in the collection. 

      The music features a lot of Scttish techno bands from the 90's, so any old raver out there who still remanises about the Old Skool times drop me a line and we could maybe do some business.

      Need to sell them as my missus takes the piss out of my poor music taste.

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