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      Spare Ticket Thread Home/Away (News Latest)

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      Re: Spare Ticket Thread Home/Away (News Latest)
      Reply #897: Aug 17, 2023 06:21:36 am
      Hello everyone

      My Best mate just asked me a question for his other mate/cousin, can't F***ing remember..too stoned  :lmao: so thought' I'd ask

      His mate is coming to Liverpool from Melbourne late September.

      I wouldn't normally ask here but my Bestie is a Red as well and Reds try to help where they can....

      Anyways wondering if there would be a possibility of 1 possibly 2 spares but deffo 1 to the West Ham game at Anfield.

      Any help would be much appreciated.

      P.s The KOP would be nice only because it might be his one and only chance to ever experience Anfield but I'm sure he'd be happy anywhere inside Mecca.

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