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      WWE Raw/Smackdown

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      WWE Raw/Smackdown
      Jan 08, 2013 01:02:46 pm
      Knocking over Santa Claus, then dedicating 70% of a show to how 'good ol' Cena' gets to beat up on bad guy Del Rio, the ridiculous Funka Saurus and Santini, the New Year had Mo (who has to be 80 odd years of age) giving birth to the little leprechaun lad, and that's just the start of it. Not to mention that irritating and cringeworthy cutsie 'AJ'.

      I know it's scripted, but WWE used to be good fun (a bit like watching Rocky, only the acting is better), the days of 3H, Taker, HBK, Rock, Stone Cold etc.

      I started watching it because my young lad was into it. I'm glad he's moved on now, because it's gone from average to utterly stupid and ridiculous.

      Who is in control, could they do any more to destroy Sports Entertainment?
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      Re: WWE Raw/Smackdown
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