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      University Dissertation - The media representation of the Hillsborough Disaster

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      University Dissertation - The media representation of the Hillsborough Disaster
      Apr 23, 2013 01:17:06 pm

      I am currently studying at Teesside University in Middlesbrough. I am proposing to conduct a dissertation on the 'media representation of the hillsborough disaster'. This will include comparing national (the sun etc.) and local (liverpool echo etc.) newspapers on the reports of the disaster. I cannot comprehend the feelings and emotions your region went and still go through to this day from the injustice and allegations proposed by the national newspapers. Rest assured i will be heavily criticising the sun throughout the dissertation and commending the local area of Liverpool. I was wondering if anyone has a copy of the document 'No Last Rights: The Denial of Justice and the Promotion of Myth in the Aftermath of the Hillsborough Disaster'. I would be sincerely grateful if anyone could offer me this and it would help me dearly. Also i may be looking for people who were involved in reporting the incident. If anyone was involved or knows anyone who was involved in the media at the time i would appreciate if you could let me know

      Thank you very much

      Joe Owens

      Justice For The 96

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