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      The Medical Thread.

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      Re: The Medical Thread.
      Reply #207: Jun 03, 2022 09:07:17 pm
      Well my date has finally arrived for my hip replacement,Monday morning 7:30,can't wait after all the pain I have been in for 3 years and just to be able to walk again....YES!.

      Good luck Al hope they look after you and you get well soon, hope the op goes well.
      el batez
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      Re: The Medical Thread.
      Reply #208: Aug 02, 2022 05:30:31 pm
      Well after the cancellation of my hip op I finally had it done on 15th of July and I'm glad to say everything went great, just over two weeks after the op and my mobility coming on really well physio starts next week but already walking not too far and taking it nice and easy. Great to be out of pain.
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      Re: The Medical Thread.
      Reply #209: Jan 22, 2023 04:27:20 pm
      Anyone had re occuring tonislitis here? Last two years now I've got tonsillitis in Jan and it just won't go away, had two set of antibiotics so far. Last year it went once the weather got warmer but untill then I had to deal with severely bad sore throats and flu on and off for months.

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