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      The Open 2014 (Hoylake, Wirral)

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      Re: The Open 2014 (Hoylake, Wirral)
      Reply #25: Jul 20, 2014 10:28:22 pm
      He's had a few quid I believe but nothing major. Think the minimum he could earn from this tournament alone was £2500. Not too sure about sponsorships etc just yet but I suppose things may happen, if they're going to happen, now it's all about to die down around here.

      I was quoted in Friday's Echo talking about him and got on 5 Live on Thursday with Clare Balding who was following us around and chatting.

      Been mad.
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      Re: The Open 2014 (Hoylake, Wirral)
      Reply #26: Jul 21, 2014 03:26:28 pm
      I spent sometime on Friday at Hoylake but watching it on the Television is so much better. Yes you miss the atmosphere but you get to see every put and every tee shot that matters. I went with a club member so it was free and the area was hardly recognisable the R&A do a fantastic job and the course itself was perfect. Just want everyone gone so I can go back to Marigolds for my fish and chips again.

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