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      Dejan Lovren Player Thread

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      Re: Dejan Lovren Player Thread
      Reply #2350: May 05, 2019 08:25:31 pm

      Yea, he must be fourth choice next season behind VVD, Matip and Gomez. Feel on edge when he's in there, out of position, having to recover and stretch and slide in, clumsy, he's struggling imho.
      If we can get another CB, would cash in on Dejan. Would do me nerves good.
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      Re: Dejan Lovren Player Thread
      Reply #2351: May 05, 2019 08:47:05 pm
      Hes not great is he but he is depth and we dont want to be weakening our hand too much for next season.
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      Re: Dejan Lovren Player Thread
      Reply #2352: May 05, 2019 09:47:42 pm
      In his defense, no way for him to build any continuity when he’s not playing/injured all the time. He’s ok as 4th choice but doubt he will want that role.

      Mate no one on here has been known to defend him like I have. But his basic errors are indefensible and frustrating, as on his day he can be top quality.

      Not sure he will be afforded the patience any longer nor would his ego permit him to be 3rd or 4th choice.
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      Re: Dejan Lovren Player Thread
      Reply #2353: Yesterday at 10:23:34 pm
      Lovren signed through '20-'21
      2nd highest paid defender on roster
      Salary: 100k / week ....5.2 mill / yr

      Big payout for roster depth while younger starters earn a fraction.
      In value terms....not ideal
      Legal issues have disappeared

      2014 transfer fee paid: 20 mill

      2018-19.....13 appearances....stats:
      Financially, LFC has ample funds to pay premium wages and trophy ambitions that require quality depth at the very end of the bench and beyond.
      Still.......5.2 mill / yr for what will likely be a depth only defender who, despite his self proclaimed "Best Defender in the World" post World Cup delusions, lost the trust of management to the point LFC went out and paid a record fee for VvD and..... has been effectively replaced by younger, faster, better, cheaper players.

      Will LFC ever cut bait on Dejan Lovren?
      Should they?
      Could they?

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