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      The "Anfield Redevelopment is in progress!" Thread

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      Re: The "Anfield Redevelopment is in progress!" Thread
      Reply #840: Apr 03, 2018 07:36:20 pm
      Hilton Garden Inn you say? Looks like I've got the lodging part of a trip covered. I'll start saving my Hilton points now. Just need to find the money for some plane tickets and gameday tickets and I'll be set.
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      Re: The "Anfield Redevelopment is in progress!" Thread
      Reply #841: Sep 23, 2018 01:36:01 pm
      Long time dead this thread, as not much has gone on.

      I guess we all know about the temporary agreement with the Club, Council and local residence of the ground to hols out door concerts during some of the summer free time.

      I was lurking in the Spurs thread on Skyscraper, and they have pointed out that the LED advertising boards have some new features, but not to the naked eye. This sort of made sense as I noticed that the boards at Anfield looked different, as the corners seem rounded and complete.

      Here are the posts:

      Originally Posted by Deadeye_matt  View Post
      The LED boards in place at the moment I suspect will not be used for advertising, more likely they will show Spurs slogans through the match like the ones at Wembley do. I’ve done a bit of work with ADI in the past and they have the contracts to supply the pitch side LED screens to a number of clubs - these tend to be on long term hire rather than the clubs owning them as it takes away the responsibility of maintaining them from the club, but given we know that Daktronics have supplied the other screens in the stadium I would expect Spurs to have a similar deal for the pitchside boards, and have a service contract for them. I may be wrong but I would have thought that the ability to show different adverts alongside the pitch is something done by the broadcaster with a graphics overlay rather than anything special with the screen itself.

      Originally Posted by Ledney's knees  View Post
      just a bit more info on the ADI Hybrid boards they are"special" ie different from normal advertising boards, what they do that others don't is also emit infrared light as well as the RGB colours, so its invisible to the naked eye. broadcaster cameras have to have an extra infrared camera attached for this to also work. the infra red camera picks up the IR light, then from that feed the hybrid adverts are overlayed in realtime. The adverts are sold by the club and nothing to do with broadcaster. This product is about maximising advertising revenue by targeting different markets with different ads. Eg Asia get the Asian beting ads uk get stanley power tools ads usa get coca cola.

      Video explaining this

      Just wondering if we have this, but I guess we do..

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