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      Favourite Liverpool Football Club Book

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      Favourite Liverpool Football Club Book
      Mar 16, 2015 11:02:19 am
      Just for the sense of passing on tips for fellow fans on books about the club they may want to read and also to discuss your personal favourite LFC book.

      Also what's your personal favourite style of book about the club? History? Player? Specific season?

      I'll kick off with a personal favourite on the club

      Redmen : Liverpool Football club ; The Biography

      By John Williams

      It's a superb read, giving enough depth about all aspects of our history.

      I'd recommend it to all reds

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      Re: Favourite Liverpool Football Club Book
      Reply #1: Apr 01, 2015 06:48:36 pm
      I've got that one as well!

      40 Years With The Same Bird by Brian Reade is a really great read too. It's your typical died in the wool, passionate supporter account of following a club - and I find it much more authentic from a fan point of view from say, the more cerebral approach of Fever Pitch (which I think has contributed to the influx of chin stroking day trippers in the Premier League).

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      Re: Favourite Liverpool Football Club Book
      Reply #2: Apr 01, 2015 07:32:00 pm
      Good shout for a thread Jon. I'm going to put some of the books that pop up in here on my reading list.

      Helps us foreigners too as far as who to read and who to stay away from.

      I read one recently about Shanks called "Shankly: The Leaving of Liverpool"'s by James Corbett.

      Was a pretty good read.

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