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      Apr 12, 2016 01:09:31 am
      Not sure if many people have heard about this programme but I saw it advertised earlier on one of the documentary channels and thought I'd give it a watch. I've only watched the first episode so far but it's been really interesting.

      It's based at Clark County Jail where the Sheriff (Jamey Noel) has created a program that required the help of a group of innocent individuals to go undercover inside the jail for 60 days. The aim is to try and go some way to ending crime and corruption inside the jail. There are only 2 police officials who know about it, the inmates don't, the staff at the jail don't and each person is allowed to tell only one family member/friend.

      The group is split into two, one group goes in the day before the other and the groups don't know about each other. People in the same group are separated into different pod's. They're each given background stories and are put through training to help them acclimatise to prison life in the most comfortable way possible. The people include a teacher, a marine, a police officer, Muhammad Ali's daughter, the wife of an army officer and a lad who's two brothers have had run ins with the law.

      The only person who I dislike is the teacher, he's part of one of those big brother, little brother schemes in the U.S. but he comes across as a proper arrogant pr**k. He thinks everything is going to be one big holiday and thinks he'll have people eating from the palm of his hand. I don't want to give too much away for those that may watch it.

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