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      Spineless F.A.

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      Re: Spineless F.A.
      Reply #23: Apr 14, 2023 07:40:54 pm
      You sound scared. Let him show you his medal collection first.


      Who, Keith or Kane? One I know has nothing. The other is Keith.
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      Re: Spineless F.A.
      Reply #24: Apr 14, 2023 08:08:03 pm
      Guy looked like he's on steroids. Do they drug test refs?
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      Re: Spineless F.A.
      Reply #25: Apr 14, 2023 08:20:31 pm
      I think the club and Robbo should accept the decision and move on. Some reasons why-

      Players and officials are different. Players are multimillionaires but officials are "normal" people trying to do a job. This man's career could be ruined by this incident.

      It's in the long term interest of the club to let this drop. Spending the next few months creating a drama will only give us a bad reputation with other officials and may affect their future decisions, either consciously or unconsciously. Jürgen's team have had a reputation for playing fairly. Obviously we have a few players who go down a bit easily (mostly Mo) but all clubs have some players like that. We generally we don't get involved in dodgy practice as much as other teams.

      It was a moment of stupidity by the linesman. It's reported that he's spoken to Robbo about it and they both are happy to move on. That's a good outcome for me.

      I broadly agree and said at the time it should be put to bed fairly quickly. Players have a much higher bar. What pisses me off is sly arse Kane feigns injury and dives and gets away with it.

      But may be a token 1 match ban wouldn't be too harsh. On the conspiracy school front , if Lino had gone within 5 yards of His Highness Lord Sir Harold Kane his arse would be running the line in the Vanarama National League..
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      Re: Spineless F.A.
      Reply #26: Apr 16, 2023 02:30:37 pm
      How can the FA appeal their own decision 😂😂


      You know how the English love their committees. So have a committee that sits and judges the decision made and then passes on to another committee 😁

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