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      KORSSAS Tournaments - A New Forum For Leagues & Cups...

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      KORSSAS Tournaments - A New Forum For Leagues & Cups...
      Apr 21, 2016 03:39:00 pm
      Hi everyone,

      I have experience of running Leagues and Cups for SWOS on the Xbox 360 and I now intend to do it again for up and coming games; Kick Off Revival, Sociable Soccer & Active Soccer 2 DX.

      Obviously the games are yet to be released online, but once they are I plan to get some exciting competitions up and running.

      The forum has been retweeted on Twitter by he makers of the games, so the word is out on what I plan to do.

      It would be great to play with you all on these fantastic up and coming football games!

      I hope to see you over at the forum :)


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