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      Hillsborough inquest - Fans 'unlawfully killed'

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      Re: Hillsborough inquest - Fans 'unlawfully killed'
      Reply #276: May 01, 2016 11:39:22 am
      Is that the 30 for 30 one done by ESPN, it was only banned at the time because the Inquest was still ongoing.

      That's the one
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      Re: Hillsborough inquest - Fans 'unlawfully killed'
      Reply #277: May 01, 2016 12:36:23 pm

      Part of the establishment cover-up for all to see. The opening titles state Hillsborough had a capacity of 54,000 which was one of the primary reasons for it being selected as a location for the game.
      The very fact that Leppings Lane was chosen for the LFC supporters in preference to the Kop end which had a higher capacity, was the onset of the ensuing tragedy.
      Incredibly the gates to an already full Leppings Lane terrace were opened to ease a crush which should never have occurred, all at the direction of S Yorkshire police.

      That opening title statement damns the police, the government and the 27 year establishment cover-up. Reason enough for them to ban it as the rest of the documentary could only report such blatant error and misjudgement thereby exposing the lies to cover them.   

      Agreed, but i don't think the whole stamp thing would have worked with just the word C**t on it  ;)

      Of course mate, no argument. It was a comment about the f**king witch more than anything.
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      Re: Hillsborough inquest - Fans 'unlawfully killed'
      Reply #278: May 01, 2016 10:57:22 pm
      watched a good report on CNN the other day it seems weird now that all of a sudden the World has woken up to the truth we have all known for 27 years.

      Seen that "They'll Never Walk Alone" on CNN was a very good piece.

      A lot has changed since that HIP report was published.

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