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      Members ticket sales for 2nd half of season 2016/17

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      Re: Members ticket sales for 2nd half of season 2016/17
      Reply #25: Nov 25, 2016 12:48:19 pm
      I only managed to pick up tickets for Burnley in the bulk sale last Thursday. I was hoping to get Swansea tickets as well but these sold out pretty much as soon as I got access the ticket page. I'd like to still think I could pick a couple tickets up in the late members sale but how many tend to go on sale, I'm guessing this is variable depending on returns, unsold hospitality etc etc. Was looking to pick up cheap train tickets, might still take the gamble and if it doesn't work out hey ho.

      Also how many can i pick up in late sale with friends and family. Can i pick up 2 tickets with mine my friends linked account?

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