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      The Donald Trump year(s)*

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      Re: The Donald Trump year(s)*
      Reply #3000: Nov 30, 2021 10:59:24 pm
      Quote from FL Red
      You guys don’t understand the culture because surprise, you don’t live here. You take a trip once a decade and you watch the news and listen to politicians, but you don’t bother to engage with someone like me who would be able to provide some perspective and while you still likely won’t agree, you might at least start to realize that it’s not like the Wild Wild West here like it’s depicted in the media. People that hate freedom and hate firearms will try to paint the US as somewhere that you have to watch over your shoulder all the time and live in fear. Far from it. Are there places you would fear going to? Yep, just like in every country in the entire world. However here, if I find that I need to travel to one of those areas, I have the option to carry something for self defense. For the most part I never carry a firearm because I honestly wouldn’t ever want to even think about taking someone else’s life even if it was a self defense situation.  But you can bet at the end of the day, I’m going to protect my family from any threat, domestic or otherwise.

      I also like to target shoot which is really fun. It’s not something everyone likes but I do. And some folks like to hunt and some NEED to hunt because they help feed their family that way. And some people live in rural areas where they have to protect themselves from wild animals or wild people because calling 911 doesn’t mean someone’s coming immediately.

      I don't think anyone has an issue with the last bit. In every society, there are people who need to be armed for legal reasons. But the USA goes the extra mile, and allows everyone in society to own them. That's the bit non Americans can't understand. My view is if you allow people access to guns, be they amateurs or professionals, eventually they will be used, not for self defence. And even if you don't, plenty of Americans do use them. I'm not an action film watcher, but recently a crew member of a film set was murdered on site. Given the amount of guns and other firearms used in American cinema, I'm surprised it doesn't happen more often.

      If you want to protect your family, there are other means to do so. Alarms, gates, guard dogs, cameras, concrete barriers, lots of others rather than lethal weapons. You can talk about the image in the media, and it's true that the rest of the world only sees the worst cases of it, but you can't deny that your country has an issue with the use of firearms. The statistics will tell you that alone.

      As this thread is about Trump, he may be gone, but the use of guns has continued when the left now have all the power in government, so they have more than enough votes to do something about it.
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      Re: The Donald Trump year(s)*
      Reply #3001: Dec 06, 2021 07:43:32 am

      No wonder they have gun issues with fuckwits like that on a seat

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