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      Tiger Woods may never feel GREAT again...

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      Tiger Woods may never feel GREAT again...
      Feb 09, 2017 01:24:00 am

      Okay, its not just me seeing whats wrong here is it?

      "Fourteen-time major winner Tiger Woods says he will "never feel great" again because of the number of injuries suffered during his career."

      Are those golfing injuries? or when your missus beat the crap out of you for cheating on her?

      "Woods, 41, pulled out of the Dubai Desert Classic before the second round this month because of a back spasm.

      He only returned to action in December after two back operations.

      "There were a lot of times I didn't think I was going to make it back. It was tough, it was more than brutal," Woods told Dubai magazine Vision."

      Again, golfing or shagging? whats at fault here?

      "Woods' first return to competitive action after a 15-month lay-off came in December at the Hero World Challenge - an 18-man tournament in the Bahamas - and he finished 15th at the PGA Tour event.

      He hopes to compete in the Masters at Augusta from 6-9 April.

      "There have been plenty of times when I thought I would never play the game again at the elite level," added Woods, who has won 79 titles on the PGA Tour.

      "It was tough, it was more than brutal. There were times I needed help just to get out of bed.

      "I feel good, not great. I don't think I will ever feel great because it's three back surgeries, four knee operations.

      "I'm always going to be a little bit sore. As long as I can function, I'm fine with that."

      AGAIN, Golfing or Shagging, WHAT IS HE GETTING AT?

      "Woods has not won a tournament anywhere since 2013, while his title drought in major championships dates back to 2008.

      "There is a changing of the guard," he said. "My generation is getting older but if I'm teeing up then the goal is to win.""

      I give up......
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      Re: Tiger Woods may never feel GREAT again...
      Reply #1: Feb 09, 2017 07:10:51 am
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      Re: Tiger Woods may never feel GREAT again...
      Reply #2: Feb 09, 2017 03:37:14 pm
      It's been well documented that Woods always had an inferiority complex because his dad was in the military. So Tiger befriended some Navy Seals and  was training with them a lot.  That's likely where most of his back injuries came from. They put him through some pretty rigorous training exercises and he got hurt doing them. So all of these lingering issues stem from that. He's really a mentally torqued up individual. A lot of demons haunting him. I read a really long article about  him a year or so back that detail all of this. It's actually kind of sad how his  insecurities ultimately brought him crashing down personally and professionally.
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      Re: Tiger Woods may never feel GREAT again...
      Reply #3: Feb 09, 2017 04:10:38 pm
      ....still worth millions so what the f**k!
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      Re: Tiger Woods may never feel GREAT again...
      Reply #4: Feb 09, 2017 04:11:54 pm
      Golfing. (Odd topic)

      Sad to see a great fade so rapidly.


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