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      Next match: LFC v Leicester [Premier League] Wed 30th Jan @ 8:00 pm

      Today is the 24th of January and on this date LFC's match record is P16 W7 D4 L5


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      Re: Glastonbury
      Reply #120: Jul 02, 2017 02:41:02 pm
      This year was the first that I've been when the sun's been out. Doesn't half make a difference. Absolute belter this year.

      Foo Fighters were my pick of the bunch; some show that.

      Liam Gallagher was underwhelming. I know his voice isn't what it used to be but it was the songs he decided to do that disappointed me. He's still f***in' boss though.

      Can't wait for 2019. Got a feeling the Arctic Monkeys could headline depending on when they release their next album. Hope Catfish are there too.

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