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      PES 2018

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      PES 2018
      Dec 08, 2017 11:10:25 pm
      I have got to say, having fallen out of love with football games (and sometimes football in general) buying PES 2018 a few months a go was one of best decisions I have made, as far as gaming is concerned.

      Got to say you can play some absolutely stunning football on this game. It may not have all of the shine FIFA has but my goodness, the attention to detail, cinematic graphics, the flow of the game/engine floors me in most games. It's just so fun, even when you're on the ropes.

      Who else is also a lover of PES this year? I think they've finally reclaimed their title back of pure footballing gameplay. So fun, only downside is the user-friendliness of the menus, but I'll take that. Anfield and the reds are absolutely stunning, though.

      Also if you're on PS4 hit us up on: cdksmith 🕹

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